1904 Census for Kennebunkport
Post Office

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses and occupations. It is taken from the book Kittery Register, 1904 compiled by Mitchell & Campbell and published by the H. E. Mitchell Company of Brunswick, Maine.


Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

Kittery Point = PT        Kittery Depot = Depot        Portsmouth, NH = Ports        South Berwick = S Ber      RFD Routes = the number of the route

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

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Abrams, Geo W        R R ser
    Aliza A    (Fernald)      housework
    *Frances B    (m Noel)    Ports
    Fred T    machinist
    Ruth E    pupil
    Ray E    pupil

Abrams, Thos S    s capt
    Elizabeth    (Jenkins)    housework

Achorn, C    genl mechanic    Pt
    Jane A    (Grogan)    housework
    *Edith M    (m Raudlett)    Norwood, Mass
    *Willard S    Jefferson, N H
    *Annie W    (m Bowden)    208 So Common, Lynn, Mass
    *Clinton E    machinist    Laconia, N H

Ackney, Wm    mach
    Ida    (Paquett)    housework
    Amilia    pupil
    Sidney    pupil
    William    pupil
    Clarence    pupil

*Adams, A B     trav sales    Spartanburg, S C
    Emma A    (Wilson)    housework    Pt

Adams, Chas W    blacksmith
    Hattie L    (Welch)

Adams, D J    blacksmith    Depot 1
    *Willard E    blacksmith    Depot 1    Bucklin, Wash
    *Ida F    (m Knight)    Saco
    Chas W    blacksmith

Adams, Geo R    retired vet
    N J    (Waldron)    housework

*Adams, John F    124th Coast Art U S A
    Eva M    (Amee)    housework    Pt
    Alta A
    Emily Frances

Adams, J Q    farmer    Depot 1
    Anna M    (Welch)    housework
    Fred    farmer
    Roland B    app ship fit
    John F    app mach
    Hepsie A    student

Adams, Wm H    farmer    Depot 1

Adams, Mary E    housework

Adams, Rufus M    rigger
    Annie L    (Hanscom)    housework

Aderton, S E    retired    Depot

Adlington, T F    station agent
    Ann E    (Lydston)    housework
    *Herbert W    Frt clerk    Greenwood, Mass
    *Harry E    station agent    S Berwick

Allen, Hattie    (m Murch)   
    Harry S    pupil

Allen, Melinda    (Fletcher)    Pt
    Ida M    (m Blake)

Amee, Amos    elec ser    Pt
    Emma K    (Lewis)    housework

Amee, J Percy    engineer    Pt
    Grace A (Hoyt)    housework
    Clarence H    pupil
    Esther M    pupil

Amee, Margaret    (Williams)    Pt
    Edith L    (m Grace)
    Amos W    mast mariner
    J Percy    marine engineer
    Victor E    conductor

Amee, Melissa    (m Lewis)    Pt
    Walter S    keeper    W Back Light
    Ida B    (m Blake)    housework

Amee, Rosabel M    (Avery)    housework
    Guy W    confectioner
    Howard    pupil

Amee, T R    general work    Pt
    Sarah A    (Tobey)    housework
    Marion B    pupil

Amee, Wm F    general work    Pt
    Mattie L    (Spinney)    housework
    Marie A    (m Higgins)
    Anabel M    (m Tobey)
    Eva M    (m Adams)

Amee, John E    fisher    Pt
    Alice C    (Weeks)    housework
    Mary A    (m Adams)

Amee, W S    Light Keeper    Pt
    Sarah E    (Godfrey)    housework

Anderson, Henry    navy yard    Pt
    Lewis S    pupil
    Lizzie M    pupil
    Hazel H    pupil

Anderson, Wm    laborer    Pt
    Roscoe    tinsmith
    Carrie S    (Tobey)    housework

Amazeen, Jos Y    general work    Pt
    Parthenia B    (Hathaway)

Austin, Josephine    (m Parrott)    Pt
    Florence E    stenographer


Bach, Cornelius C    Steward
    Annie     (Ketting)    housework
    Maria C    pupil
    Jacob    pupil
    Cornelius Jr    pupil   
    Nellie A

Bailey, Chas T    carpenter
    Almeda F    (Collins)    housework

Baker, Chas F.    blacksmith
    Myra M    (Smith)    housework
    Ernest C    pupil
    Susie M    pupil
    Selden S

Baker, Geo F    gardener    Pt
    Mary    (Walker)    teacher
    Myron    pupil
    Inez    pupil

Baker, Herbert L    carpenter    Pt
    Arabelle    (Mitchell)    housework
    Arthur H    app draftsman
    Ruth M    pupil
    Ralph R    pupil

Baptiste, Frank    farmer

Bartlett, C R    telephone operator    Depot
    Josephine E    (Moulton)
    Amelia J    pupil

Barlett, Hannah C    (Fernald)    Depot 1

Beal, Mary E    Depot 1

Beaumont, Mrs Mary J    Pt
    Annie    housework
    Mary G    (m Briste)

Bridger, Altie T
    May J    (Beaumont)
    Nellie F    (m Clark)
    Frank A    pupil

Bedell, Daniel    farmer    Pt
    Susan    (Frost)    housework
    Geo D    farmer
    Ellen    (m Seaward)    housework
    Mary A    (m Seaward)    housework
    Howard A    laborer
    Fannie    (m Tobey)    housework
    Mabel    housework
    Truman    farmer
    Chas W    teamster & farmer

Bedell, Howard A    laborer    Pt
    Nellie    (Allen)    housework
    Daniel F    pupil
    Henry A    pupil
    Mina J    pupil
    Ralph H    pupil
    Roland G    pupil

Bellamy, John    carver    Pt

Bellamy, Chas    boat maker    Pt

Bennett, L H    blacksmith    Depot
    Bessie M    (Butler)    housework
    Fred H   
    Bertha M

Bennett, Orion E    laborer
    Marion B    (Bowden)    housework

Berry, C O     express    Pt
    Jennie S    (Ferguson)   

Berry, James T    blacksmith
    Lydia    (---)

Berry, Moses G    blacksmith    Pt
    Julia E    (Spear)    housework
    *Emma B    (m Barlett)    393 Summer, Lynn, Mass
    Elizabeth    clerk

Bickford, L F    merchant
    Dora E    (Williams)    housework
    Flossie E    clerk
    Sadie E    clerk
    Charlotte M    student

Bickford, Winfield C    Pt

Bicknell, Henry W    book keeper
    Lottie M    (Bragg)   
    Edith M    clerk
    Edna A    teacher
    Helen L    teacher

Billings, Chas H    moulder    Pt
    Hattie E    (Lewis)    housework
    Lewis Robert
    Horace Edward

Billings, Ellen A    (Spear)    Pt
    *Sadie    (m Pote)    housework    39 Spruce, Portland

Billings, Robt B    rigger    Pt
    Miriam T    (Mitchell)    housework
    Chas H    moulder
    *Jesse E    station agent    S Ber

Billings, Sylvester    retired    Pt
    Herbert S    general work

Billings, Thomas J    painter    Pt
    Marjorie B    (Dame)    housework
    *Lewis S    marine engineer

Blaisdell, Geo W    farmer
    Annie M    (Spinney)   

Blake, Ellen E    (m Godfrey)    Pt
    Fred J    fireman

Blake, Geo F    laborer    Pt
    Ida M    (Allen)    housework

Blake, Horace F    laborer    Pt
    *Annie S    (m Chick)    Rye, N H
    Florence    (m Lewis)
    Mark F    laborer
    Martha M    (m Wilson)
    Sarah A    (White)    housework

Blake, Mark F    laborer    Pt
    Viole E    (Wilson)    housework
    Mark F Jr

Blake, John A    teamster    Pt
    Annie    (McLelland)    housework
    Wm J    general helper

Blake, Melvin A    carpenter    Pt
    Cora E    (Hoyt)    merchant

Blake, Samuel    laborer    Pt
    Ida    (Amee)    housework
    Julia    (m Estes)    housework
    SmithF    fireman
    Angeline    housework
    Walter    pupil

Blake, Samuel F    painter    Pt
    Geo F    laborer
    Chas H    clerk
    Melvin A    carpenter
    Abbie F    (Call)    housework
    Forest E    pupil
    Herbert L    pupil

Blake, C H    clerk    Pt
    Lottie J    (Seaward)    housework
    Marion E    pupil
    Ellen S    pupil

Blaney, Albert W    carpenter    Depot
    Cora B    (Dannenberg
    Howard A    carpenter
    Carrol S   
    Leigh F    student
    Eva P    pupil
    H Arthur    pupil
    Lester A    pupil

Blaney, Carrie E    (m Burke)    housework
    Ray H    laborer
    Eugene W    ship smith
    Herbert T    student
    Elmer F    pupil

Boardman, James    iron worker
    Mary    (Black)    housework
    *W S     engineer    Beverly, Mass
    James K    ferry boat engineer

Boardman, Jas K    engineer
    May    (Smith)    housework

Bond, Frank H    foreman    Pt
    Elizabeth J    (Todd)    housework
    Lilla F    (m Billings)
    *Winnifred T    (m Coffin)    Pottersville, Fall River, Mass 
    *H M    tel op    Epping, N H
    Edna M    (m Emery)

Bond, Eliza A    (m Fletcher)    Pt
    Edgar F    laborer
    Merle S    student
    Mary E    student
    Bertha L    housework
    Maude L    pupil
    Adelaide    pupil

Boulter, Geo D    machinist
    Annie M    (McIntire)    housework

Boulter, John     laborer

Boulter, Mark E    machinist
    Catherine    (Green)    housework

Boulter, Mrs Sarah E
    Hennar S    laborer
    Alice M    teacher
    *Joseph B    cabinet maker    Somerville, Mass

Boulter, Stephen H    merchant
    Maud E    (Pray)    housework

Bowden, Alonzo F    s capt
    Rosie B    (Garland)    housework
    Annie B    pupil
    Raymond W

Bowden, Chas A    fireman
    Emma E    (Philbrick)    housework
    *W E    machinist    Lynn, Mass
    *Irving    tinsmith    Lynn, Mass

Bowden, Edwin E    carpenter
    Annie J    (Locke)    housework
    Sadie L

Bowden, Georgie    (Fernald)
    Ellen E    pupil

Bowden, Henry K    laborer
    Mary S    (Waldron)
    *Georgie A    (m Chamberlain)    Medford, Mass
    William H    laborer
    *Fred'k C     laborer    Salem, Mass
    Stillman B A    laborer
    Mary E    housework

Bowden, Nathaniel    laborer
    S Elizabeth    (Locke)    housework
    Abbie M    housework
    Edwin E    carpenter
    Florence C    comp
    Marion    (m Bennett)

Bowker, Edward N    machinist
    Vienna S    (Stimson)    housework

Boyd, Jennie L    art teacher    Pt

Brackett, Aaron H    messenger
    Eldora W    (Webber)    housework
    Raymond W    pupil
    Russell A        pupil
    Marian G        pupil

Bracy, John J    Depot 1

Bran, F W    retired
    Pascal M    RR ser
    Lizzie A    (Welts)    housework
    Mertie B    (m Snell)    teacher
    Una E    teacher

Brann, Joseph    galvanizer
    Mary E    (Crowley)

Bray, Eliza E    (Parrott)     housework    Pt

Bray, Wm C    retired    Pt
    Catherine L    (Keeler)    housework
    *Hugh B    boiler maker    Bayon, N J
    *Agnes K    dress maker    735 Burgen, Brooklyn, N Y
    *Mary L    (m Fernald)    Quincy, Mass
    Abraham W    livery work
    Mark W    mason

Bray,, Thos D    rigger    Pt
    Mary    (Phillips)    housework
    Milton P    merchant
    Ada    (m Tobey)    housework
    *Bertha     (m Kimball)    housework    209 Lexington, E Boston, Mass
    Clara A    student

Bridge, Annie E    (m Shannon)
    Tressa M    (m Kauffman)
    *C A    laborer    Quincy, Mass







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