1905 Census for Alfred

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This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the book Alfred, Lyman, Dayton, Hollis & Waterboro Town Register, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell.


Where no address is specified Alfred is understood. Other post offices are listed following the name and occupation.
Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

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Akers, John M  postmaster
    Mary E  (Roberts)  housework
    Grace L  assistant postmaster
    Leon C  bookkeeper

Akers, Leon C  bookkeeper
    Ella  (Nickerson)

Allen, Amos L  member of Congress
    *Herbert L  teacher  Dalton, Mass
    Laura E
    *Edward  physician & surgeon  Beacon Street, Boston, Mass

Allen, Rufus  proprietor  town farm  RFD 3
    Ariana  (Beale)  housework
    Perley  farmer

Allen, Bertha J  (Haines)
    *Mabel B  (married Carter)  North Berwick
    *Merle E  mill work  North Berwick
    Carl H  pupil

Allen, C W  farmer  RFD 3
    Olive A  (Coffin)  housework
    Mary O  housework
    Ernest C  land surveyor

Armstrong, Sarah  (Davidson)  RFD 2
    *Emily  (married Drown)  Sanford
    *Sarah  (married McAvoy)  Westerly, R I
    *Jessie  (married Bishop)  Sanford
    Lovina  (married Wormwood)

Averill, John R  farmer
    Emily A  housework

Avery, Nancy  (---)  housework


Baldwin, Isabella  (Decker)  summer resident with the Garvins

Batcheldar, Mary E  (Buker)
    Ella  (married Weeks)  housework
    *Charles  machinist  Saco
    *James W  lawyer

Bean, Chas E  farmer  RFD 1
    Junie N  (Coffin)  housework
    *Lizzie  (married Robinson)  housework  Springvale
    Elbridge L  farmer
    Emma  teacher

Bean, Martha  housework  RFD 2

Bean, Maria J  (Cram)  RFD 1
    Willie H  farmer
    Arthur L  farmer
    Walter  farmer

Bean,  Abbie  (Yeaton)  housework

Bennett, John H  blacksmith & quarryman
    Susie J  (Trafton)  housework

Bennett, Edwin A  farmer & stone quarryman

Bennett, Chas  farmer

Bennett, M  Elizabeth  housework

Bennett, Frank  teamster  RFD 2

Bigelow, Alice G  (Merrill)

Bowers, Louisa H  pupil

Bracy, John H  clerk
    Clara J  (Linscott)  housework

Bracy, Chas W  farmer  RFD 3
    Sarah J  (Ridley)  housework
    B Frank  teamster
    George W  painter

Bracy, Geo W  painter
    Lizzie B  (Willis)  housework
    Wilbur G  pupil

Bracy, B F  teamster & sexton  RFD 3
    Angie E  (Ridley)  housework
    *Charles F  railroad break 1 AEtna, Worcester, Mass
    Fred L  general work
    Bertram C  student

Bradford, Ruth  (Russell)

Brock, J Perley  farmer  RFD 2

Brock, C Irving  farmer  RFD 2

Brock, George G  farmer  RFD 2

Brock, F Adelaide  housework  RFD 2

Brock, Lucy J  housework  RFD 2

Brooks, C B  dairyman
    Helen  (Getchell)  housework
    *Annie M  (married Merrow)  Cambridge, Mass
    *Alice l  stenographer  43 Georgia, Roxbury, Mass

Burbank, Arthur M  painter  RFD 1
    Linnie M  (Taylor)  housework
    Forest T

Burbank, Susan P  (Perry)  hotel
    May B
    *Elmer E  Foxboro
    *Wilbur A  grocer  Amesbury, Mass
    *Warren E  grocer  Amesbury, Mass
    Carrie A  stenographer
    *Grace E  (married Spinney)  North Berwick
    *Perry F  grocer  Amesbury, Mass
    Edith F
    Forest U

Burnham, Fred  laborer

Byron, Gladys M


Came, Samuel M  lawyer
    Clara S  (Littlefield)  housework
    Grace M
    *Walter L  lawyer  Boston

Carl, Warren R  farmer  RFD 1
    Edith J  (Davis)  housework

Cassin, George  retired
    Thomas S
    Emeline F  (Carr)  housework
    *Effie M  bookkeeper  Portland
    *Edith  (married Ferguson)  housework  Sanford

Chadbourne, A W  farmer  RFD 2
    Mercy A  (Twombly)  housework
    Jennie  (married Hurd)  housework
    *Samuel  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Gertrude B  clerk
    Harry E  mail carrier  RFD 2

Chadbourne, Geo L  farmer  RFD 2
    Mabel O  (Knights)  housework
    Burton G  mill & farmer
    *Weston F  rec clerk  Sanford

Chadbourne, Herbert G  farmer  RFD 2
    Luella G  (Cluff)  housework
    Herbert N  mill work

Chadbourne, HN  mill work  RFD 2
    Edith M  (Whitehouse)  housework

Chadbourne, J H  farmer  RFD 2
    *Mellie M  (married Briley)  Sanford
    *Clarence H  weaver
    *Savilla E  (married Jones)  Kennebunk
    *Fred H  wool sorter  Sanford
    Annie L  (Murray)  housework

Chadbourne, B G  mill & farmer  RFD 2
    Bessie I  (Sayward)  housework
    Ernest F

Chadbourne, Clara M  RFD 2

Clark, John E  carpenter  RFD 2
    Hattie  (Paul)  housework
    Geo E  pupil
    Leslie E  pupil
    Helen E  pupil
    Bessie E  pupil
    Florence L

Clarke, Geo W  blacksmith
    Maude  (Knight)  housework
    Howard  pupil

Clark, Alfred  farmer  RFD 2
    Henrietta  (Drown)  housework

Clark, W H  butcher & farmer  RFD 3
    Lina E  (Fernald)  housework
    Robert  pupil
    Alice Izetta  pupil
    Frank A

Clark, Ezra  farmer  RFD 2
    John E  carpenter
    *Emma  (married Nutter)  Kittery Point
    Jane  (Day)  housework
    Walter  farmer

Clough, Maynard W  mail carrier  RFD 3
    Hettie L  (Ford)  housework

Cluff,  Chas h  farmer &  carpenter  RFD 2
    Ermina  (Emery)  housework
    Marcia I  pupil

Cluff, Joseph W  mill work  RFD 2
    Maggie  (Palmer)  housework
    Beatrice  pupil

Cluff, Eben  farmer  RFD 2
    *Asa  mill work  Farmington
    Laura E  (Wakefield)  housework
    *James  farmer  Buxton
    *Susie  (married Johnson)  Cape Cod, Mass
    Joseph W  mill work
    *Carrie  (married Townsend)  Portland
    Fannie  (married Hobbs)  housework
    *Cora  (married Karll)  Saco

Cluff, Sarah F  housework  RFD 2

Coffin, John A  farmer  RFD 1
    Nancy A  (Russell)  housework
    *Minnie E  (married Cram)  housework
    *Georgia O  (married Thing) housework  Shapleigh
    *Kate M  (married Kimball)  housework  Waterboro
    *Florence R  (married Swett)  housework  Springvale
    *Nancy R  (married Hanson)  housework  Springvale

Collicutt, Amon R  station Agent
    Greta M  (Weldon)  housework
    Pearl M  pupil

Conant, Abbie  RFD 1

Conant, Mary E  (Davis)  
    Emma L


Daniels, Seth B  farmer & carpenter 
    Sarah E  (Boothby)  housework
    Henry Herbert  job wk
    *Jennie  (married Bowers)  housework
                    6 Cedar Place, Dorchester, Mass
    William F  student
    Reuben S  US Army
    Maude E  student

Dane, Mary E  housework

Day, Frank  farmer  RFD 2
    Carrie B  (Dorr)  housework
    Jessie A  pupil
    George A

Dearbon, Freeman  general work
    Annie F

Decker, Fred  teamster  RFD 2
    Elsie  (Weeman)  housework

Decker,  Herbert  lumb  scaler  RFD 2
    *Violet  Limington

Deshon, E F  farmer  RFD 3
    Mabel E  (Coffin)  housework
    Elizabeth A  student
    Alice E  student
    Harold A  pupil

Deshon, Benj  retired  RFD 3
    Edward F  farmer

Donovan, Ella H  (Emery)
    *William E  Ry serv clerk  Ayer, Mass
    Mary F
    John B
    Alfred D
    Harriet C
    Joseph E

Downs, E L general work  RDF 2

Drew, Moses A  trial justice & law
    Annetta  (Tripp)  housework
    *Jane A  student  Fitchburg, Mass
    Carl I  student

Drown, Hattie  (Wiley)  housework
    Robert E  pupil
    Frederick  pupil

Drown, Aldo  mill work  & farmer  RFD 2
    Lillian  (Boston)  housework

Drown, Ozro C  farmer
    Gertrude M  (Raymond)  housework

Dudley, Fred R  farmer  RFD 2
    Lucy  (married Hobbs)  housework
    *Lizzie  (married Tarbox)  South Berwick
    *John  Buxton
    *Alice  teacher  Philadelphia, Pa

Dunbar, Elizabeth  (Rich)  RFD 2
    *Judson B  salesman  Portland c/o James Bailey Co.
    *Lizzie  Augusta
    *Alice  (married Ives)  Pine Bluff, N C

Duplace, Wm  teamster  RFD 2
    *Roscoe  Chichester, N H
    Delia  (Languirand)  housework


Eaton, Wm H  teamster  RFD 3
    Sadie J  (Meserve)  housework
    *Mabel A  (married Ferguson)  Sanford
    Ethel P  student
    Willie P  pupil

Edgecomb, Marshman W  teamster
    Lucy E  (Edgecomb)  housework
    Wilbur G  surveyor

Emery, S D  farmer
    Clara E  (Merritt)  housework
    Walter C  painter
    Ralph D  farmer

Emery, Geo A  farmer
    *Ernest T  bookkeeper  27 Conway, Roslindale
    Florence A  music teacher
    Waldo M  pupil

Emery, Sarah A  (Maxwell)  retired  RFD 2
    Geo A  farmer
    Seavey D  poultryman
    *Lindsay N  meat cutter  
            cor Berkley and Boylston Boston, Mass
    *Melville T  clerk  Melrose Highlands, Mass
    *Susie A  (married Sullivan)  Norwood, Mass
    Ermina I  (married Cluff)  housework

Emery, Walter  painter
    Bessie  (Ferguson)  housework

Emerson, Charlotte  (Hall)  farmer  RFD 1
    Mary  housework
    Francis  housework

Emmonds, Willis Y  clerk of courts

Estes, Elmer J  mill work
    Margaret  (Clagg)  housework
    Edith May 

Estes, Alice  (Temple)  housework
    Elmer  general work
    Orie L  (married Hall)  housework
    Frank  pupil
    Eva  pupil    


Farnham, Arthur G  farmer  RFD 1
    Annie L  (Newbegin)  housework
    Harry A  pupil
    G Fred  pupil
    Gertrude M  pupil
    Chester E

*Ferguson, D W  collector  29 Bowdoin, Boston, Mass
    Sarah A  (Weston)  housework

Ferguson, E P  farmer
    Ellen  (Perkins)  housework

Ferguson, Geo A  janitor  Court House
    *Emma  West Brome  P Q
    Martha  (Bean)
    *Harry N  collector  Sanford
    *G Franklin  electrician railroad  Sanford
    Bessie E  (married Emery)  housework
    Mildred M  post office clerk

Fernald, Chas H  farmer  RFD 1
    Hannah M  (Butler)  retired
    Herbert B  farmer
    *Chas E  carpenter  14 Dickenson Binghamton, NY

Fernald, H B  farmer  RFD 1
    Rosa E  (Huntress)  housework
    Florence E

Fisk, Mary J  (Marshall)  RFD 2
    Geo O  farmer
    Mary E  (married Tripp)  housework

Frazier, Benj F  farmer  RFD 1
    Alvira P  (Edgecomb)  housework
    William F  farmer

Frazier, William F  farmer  RFD 1
    Mary E  (Mitchell)  housework

Friend, Augusta H  (Thompson)  retired  RFD 2


Garvin, Eugene E  RFD 1
    Isabella  (Baldwin)
    Martha S
    Lester R
    Roger B
    Ruth R

Gile, Cora  (---)  farmer & housework  RFD 1
    Ida F  farmer & housework
    Carrie E  farmer & housework
    Leland H  student

Gile, Alden K  farmer  RFD 1
    Lizzie H  (Johnson)  housework
    Martha E  housework
    Elsie M
    Jere Alden  pupil

Gilpatrick, Dana  railroad service
    Rosa  (Henderson)  housework
    Mildred  pupil

Goding, Alfred L  general work
    Emma  (Whitten)  housework

Gooch, Joseph L  farmer  RFD 1
    Sarah A  (Dennis)  housework
    *Verson W  fruit buyer
                Port Lamond, Costa Rica, C A
    *Albert N  coml trav  80 Lucas ave, St. Louis, Mo
    *Alfred L  coml trav  65 Chatham, Boston, Mass
    *Joseph L Jr  clerk  17 Yale ave, Wakefield, Mass
    *Chester W  clerk  17 Yale ave, Wakefield, Mass
    Winslow L  student

Goodwin, Dora M  (Thompson)

Goodwin, Wm  retired  RFD 3

Grant, Laura J  (Plummer)

Griffen, Maria L  housework

Griffen, Mary O


Haley, Chas H  farmer
    Betsy A  (Garey)  housework

Hall, Frank W  farmer  RFD 1
    Eva E  (Russell)  housework
    *Mabel E  (married Bracy)  housework
                    1 Etna, Worcester, Mass
    Ernest R  farmer
    Rena J  pupil

Hall, Lettie  housework

Hall, Olive  (Shaw)  housework

Hall, Thomas G  farmer  RFD 1
    Mabel  (Page)  household
    Mary  student
    Bertha  pupil

Hamlen, Elbin B  farmer
    Martha R  (Richardson)  housework

Hammons, Emma L  (Knights)  RFD 2

Handy, Chas W  salesman 
    Anne K  (Ferry)  housework
    Jack F  pupil

Hayes, Geo E  chopper  RFD 2
    Cora B  (Ham)  household
    Arthur H  railroad service
    Leon G  railroad service
    Willie R  mill work
    Ralph E  pupil
    Millie A  pupil

Henderson, Alonzo  mill work
    Mabel  (Thompson)  housework
    Carl  pupil

Hewey, James E  clerk US District & Circuit Court
    Adelaide M  (Roberts)

Hill, Howard  teamster  RFD 2
    Sabra  (Smith)  housework
    Daisy M  pupil
    Guy S 

Hill, Albrey  general work
    Mary F  (Parker)  housework
    *Rose A  (married Gould)  housework  Biddeford RFD

Hobbs, George  carpenter  RFD 2
    Lucy  (Dudley)  housework
    *Fred  law  South Berwick
    *Frank  blacksmith  Sanford
    *Maynard  wool sorter  Sanford

Hodgson, Martha F  (Hibbert)  RFD 2

Home, Maude P

Huff, John T  retired vet
    *Etta  (married ---)  Beverly, Mass
    *Emma  (married Littlefield)  Belfast
    *John  USA  Plattsburg, NY
    *Fred  motorman  Lynn, Mass
    *Alta  Belfast
    *Alice  (married Bragdon)  Derry, N H

Huff, Mary E  (Batchelder)  housework


Jacobs, Maria H  (Perkins)  housework
    Arthur E  harness maker

Johnson, Harriet S  (Roberts)  RFD 1

Johnston, James  farmer  RFD 2
    Margaret M  (Salisbury)  housework
    John E  pupil

Jones, Frank E  carpenter  RFD 2
    Lydia C  (Russell)  housework
    Newton E  student
    Arthur E  pupil
    Ella E  pupil

Jones, Eliza B  (Stimpson)  housework
    *Franklin P  carpenter  Bath
    Belle  (married Lord)

Jordan, Emeline

Jordan, Nellie W  teacher  RFD 2

Jordan, Elizabeth A  teacher  RFD 2

Jordan, W E  mill work  RFD 2
    Erla  (Newbegin)  housework

Jordan, Daniel S P  farmer

Jordan, Benj C  lumber dir
    Nellie B

Jenkins, Samuel  student


Kendall, Mary E  housework

Kendall, Sarah M  housework

Kimball, Mrs A B  (Clark)  retired
    *Mary H  teacher  Groton, Mass
    *Frank J  superintendent  coal company  Herminie, Pa
    Caroline  (married Moulton)

Kimball, Bertha  (Gordon)  housework
    Alden  student
    Gibson  mill team
    Margaret  pupil

Knight, Chas  mason  RFD 3
    *James  mason  Fairfield
    *Richard  plumber  Randolph
    *Charles  spinner  Old Town
    *Nellie  housework  Fairfield
    *Grace  clerk  Portland
    Fannie  (Allen)  housework

Knights, Olive F  (Smith)  retired
    Fannie S  (married  Littlefield)  RFD 2
    Emma L  (married Hammons)
    Willie F  blacksmith
    Mabel O  (married Chadbourn)
    *Walter J  meat merchant  Sanford

Knights, W F  blacksmith & farmer
    Lydia A  (Grant)  housework
    Maude  (married Clark)  housework
    Marcia  (married Burbank)


Laird, Joseph R  M E clergyman
    Rebecca  (Lord)  housework
    Leona O  pupil

Lander, C  Frank  civil engineer
    Lucy C  housework
    John C  pupil
    Ruth E  pupil
    Helen E  pupil

Lander, Sarah E  (---)
    Chas E  physician & surgeon
    Harriet  copyist
    Mabel  proof reader

Leach, Fred H  farmer  RFD 1
    Mary G  (Goodwin)  household
    Harold W F

Lewis, John N  farmer  RFD 3
    Dora  (Trafton)  housework

Lewis, Sarah A  (Reed)  nurse

Littlefield, Frank H  merchant
    Laura  (Grant)
    Harry G  merchant

Littlefield, Bert  farmer  RFD 2

Littlefield, James H  millman  RFD2
    Fannie S  (Knights)

Littlefield, Elmer  farmer
    Sadie  (Roberts)  household
    *Addie  (married Smith)  Alfred  RFD 2
    Guy  teamster
    Emery  student
    Bessie  student
    Hattie  student

Littlefield, Chas H  farmer

Littlefield, James C  farmer

Littlefield, Harry G  grocer
    Myra  (Merrill)

Littlefield, W M  merchant
    Lucinda S  (Tracy)  housework

Linscott, Ida  (Linscott)
    Herbert N  pupil  RFD 2

Linscott, George H  laborer  RFD 1

Linscott, Alice  (Hill)  dress maker & housework
    *Chas  clerk  Boston

Lord, Belle  (Jones)  housework
    Grace B  dress maker
    Ethel E  pupil

Lowell, Mary A   


Maddox, Sarah J  (Chase)

Maddox, Nancy J  (Allen)  housework
    Gertrude  milliner

Marble,  Henry J   s maker
    Hattie M  (Maddox)  housework & dress maker

Marshall, S B  physician & surgeon

Matthews, Samuel B  confectionery & bakery
    Emma A  (Erwin)  housework
    Kenneth L

Maxwell, Louis A  job work
    Hattie B  (Merrill)  housework
    *Mabel J  (married Pierre)  housework  Springvale
    *Maude D  (married Wallingford)  Springvale
    Louis E  job work

Maxwell, Ida  housework  RFD 3

McGuire, J B  laborer
    Mary  (---)

McKenney, Geo  farmer  RFD 3
    *Geo G  teamster  Sanford
    Mary L  (married Wallingford)
    *Belle  (married Cram)  Sanford
    *Louis  teamster  Sanford

Merrill, Frank P

Merrill, Mary K

Merrow, Chas H  railroad service  RFD 3
    Annie M  (Maxwell)  housework
    Mary E  housework
    Sadie A  housework
    Willie C  pupil
    Melville C  pupil

Morrill, Frank P  farmer  RFD 1
    Nellie B  (Bittum)  housework
    *Arthur P  farmer  Springvale
    George W  farmer
    Percy F  surveyor
    Ida F  housework

Miller, Webster  farmer
    Jane (Goodrich)  housework
    *Ellen  (married Payson)  housework  Providence, RI
    *George E  marble worker  Lee, Mass
    *Alice  (married Barker)  household  Fall River, Mass
    *Erank  machinist  Boston
    *Henry E  canning fact  Vermont

Mitchell, Martha  housework

Mitchell, Annie  housework

Morrill, Annie A  nurse

Morrison, Lizzie  (Wormwood)  
    Oscar J  farmer

Morrison, O J  farmer  RFD 2
    Alice E  (Day)  housework
    Arthur E  student
    Cecil L  pupil
    Harvey N  pupil

Moulton, Frank T  farmer

Moulton, Geo D  retired  RFD 1
    Nancy F  (Young)
    Addie F
    *Julie S  (married Loomis)  North Amherst, Mass
    *Chas G  banker  Limerick
    Lillian M  (Trafton)  adopted daughter

Moulton, Wm M  dairyman  
    Caroline  (Kimball)  housework
    Alfred K  pupil
    Emma C  pupil
    Alice F


Nason, Annie  (Hooper)  housework

Nason, A U  coal dir
    Sarah  (Morrill)  housework

Nutter, John P  farmer  RFD 1
    Emma F  (Allen)  housework
    *Helen N  (married Fairfield)  9 Claflin Pl, Newtonville, Mass
    George W  farmer
    *Herbert A  watch repair  474 Washington, Boston, Mass
    *Marcus O  auto repair 333 Columbus Ave  Boston, Mass

Nutter, Oliver G  RFD 3  farmer & stone cutter
    Abbie  (Garey)  housework
    *John O  ship clerk  Whitingsville, Mass
    *Harriet  (married Tripp)  Brighton, Mass
    *Timothy G  electrician  Whitingsville, Mass
    Fred O  farmer
    Alice A  teacher
    Lizzie E  housework
    Ralph W  pupil

Nutter, Fred O  farmer  RFD 3
    Millicent  (Roberts)


Palmer, Herbert  farmer  RFD 1

Palmer, Mabel  weaver  RFD 2

Palmer, Lena  mill work  RFD 2

Palmer, Mary J  (Edgecomb)

Parker, Rachael F  (Hall)

Patterson, Edmund  farmer  RFD 2
    *Chas W  farmer  West Kennebunk
    *Ella  (married Ingalls)  Biddeford
    *Owen  machinist  Biddeford
    *Daniel W  merchant  Portland

Payson, Willis H  travelling salesman
    Ellen C  (Miller)  housework

Pender, James H  farmer  RFD 1
    Victoria  (Littlefield)  housework
    James H Jr

Pender, Lettie S  housework

Perkins, Elizabeth  (Dround)

Perkins, Joanna C  (Clark)

Perkins, Mercy E  (Taylor)  housework

Perkins, Lucius M  lumberman
    Mary W  (Lufkin)
    *Mary H  teacher  Springfield, Mass
    *Lucia  teacher  Portland
    *Elizabeth S  teacher  Spencer, Mass

Perkins, Mary W  milliner

Phoenix, Geo M  merchant & undertaker
    Mary W  (Willard)  housework

Pollock, John  general work  RFD 3
    Susan F  (Roberts)  housework
    Chas L  pupil
    Sarah J
    Florence E
    Albert H

Poole, Wm M  general work  RFD 2
    Etta A  (Shackford)  housework
    Carl N  general work
    Nellie M  housework
    Mabel A  student
    Bessie E  pupil
    Walter S  pupil
    Ralph M  pupil
    Blanche A

Preble, Dora  housework  RFD 2

Prime, Oliver A  farmer  RFD 1
    Nellie C  (Stone)


Rankin, Thomas D  jailer
    Lora  (Jones)
    Lillian  student
    Harry  student
    Ethelyn  student
    Everett  student

Reed, Sarah A  (Allen)
    *Harriet  (married Clacey)  Alfred

Ricker, Chas  farm work  RFD 1

Ricker, Frank E  mail carrier  RFD 1
    Sarah A  (Schofield)  housework
    Neva V  pupil
    Payson E  pupil
    Bessie A  pupil

Ricker, John W  farmer  RFD 2
    Maria L  (Johnson)  housework
    Vera M  pupil
    Myron J  pupil
    Burleigh S
    Alice M

Ricker, Moses H  farmer  RFD 2
    Lillian G  (Patch)  housework
    John E  teamster

Ricker, Hannah E  (Conant)  Alfred, RFD 1
    Fred W  mail deliver

Ricker, Dorcas  (Jacobs)  retired  RFD 2
    *Caroline  (married Colby)  Wells
    Moses H  farmer
    *Elmyra  (married Blaisdell)  Rochester, NH
    *Marion  (married Clark)  Wells

Ridley, Lindsey D  laborer
    Eltina L  (Gerrish)  housework
    Ruth P
    Florentine A

Ridley, Joseph H  fish peddler  RFD 2
    *Fred  Haverhill, Mass

Ridley, Grace M  clerk, registry of Deeds

Ridley, Asenath G  clerk, registry of deeds

Ridley, John C  farmer  RFD 3
    Mary F  (Knight)  housework
    *Gertrude O  (married Stanley)  Sanford
    *Bert H  shoe cutter  Sanford
    James P  railroad service
    John W  general work
    *Myrtle H  (married Allen)  36 Railroad Ave  Rochester, NH
    Frank A  general work
    Susie M  pupil
    Arthur D  pupil

Ridlon, Chas E  farmer
    *Sarah F  (married Adams)  housework  East Stoneham
    *Samuel H  farmer  North Berwick
    *Marilla  (married Ketchum)  Augusta, Wis

Roberts, Alonzo  farmer  RFD1
    Abbie M  (Russell)  housework
    Minnie  housework
    *Mary L  (married Goodwin)  housework  Lebanon

Roberts, Walter S  painter
    Rose M  (Charland)  housework
    Ruth C  pupil
    Evelyn F  pupil
    Bert S  pupil
    Hazel M

Roberts, Mary H  (Lewis)  RFD 3
    Susan F  (married Pollock)  housework
    Alfred L  farmer

Roberts, Alvah  farmer  RFD 1

Roberts, Frances O  RFD 1

Roberts, Alonzo F  grain dealer & farmer

Roberts, Geo W  RFD 1  Ry mail service
    Harriet A  (Stevens)  housework
    *Sadie F  teacher  Worcester, Mass
    Lula H  housework
    Geo L  farmer
    *Lester D  clerk  Boston
    Wilbur G  farmer
    Guy H B  student

Roberts, James C  farmer  RFD 1
    Albertina  (Pomeroy)  household
    *Frank E  motorman  Portland
    *Harry L  carpenter  South Waterboro
    Eugene  farmer & carpenter
    Annie M  housework
    *Fred  carpenter  Greenwich, Conn
    Louisa M  housework
    Gertrude L  housework
    James W  farmer
    Albert farmer

Roberts, John  farmer  RFD 1
    Addie B  (Morrison)  housework
    Mabel E  housework
    John E  farmer
    Maude A  student

Roberts, William H  carriage work
    Corinne C  (Cole)  housework

Robinson, Noah  farmer  RFD 1
    Emma C  (Russell)  housework
    *Benj S  railroad service  Portland
    Roy L  student
    Cyrus E  student

Rollins, Laforest R  teamster  S Waterboro
    Bessie C  (Small)  housework
    Carleton e

*Royce, A B  station agent  NY, NH & H  West Roxbury, Mass
    Zilphia E  (Lawrence)
    A Lawrence  clerk
    Roxanna R  pupil
    Elizabeth W  pupil

Rowe, James M  shoe maker  RFD 1
    Anna A  (Stubbs)  housework
    Ninita E  housework

Ruelx, Henry  teamster
    -----  (---)

Russell, Frank  farmer  RFD 1
    Addie E  (Thing)  housework
    Harry E  farmer  RFD 1
    Fred E  farmer  RFD 1
    *Wilbur M  farmer  Dayton
    *Hattie R  (married Jewell)  housework  Sanford

Russell, Fred E  farmer  RFD 1
    Sadie J  (Litchfield)
    Forest H  pupil
    Wallace  pupil

Russell, Harry E  farmer  RFD 1
    Augusta M  (Thing)  housework
    Eula M  pupil
    Frank T  pupil
    Floyd I

Russell, Nathaniel  farmer  RFD 1
    Judith  (Fernald)
    *David E  lumberman  Waterboro
    Tristam  farmer  RFD 1
    Eva E  (married Hall)  housework

Russell, Tristram  farmer  RFD 1
    Lizzie M  (Allen)  housework
    Carrie Hill  pupil
    Alice Hall  pupil
    Maude Allen  pupil


Sayward, Sarah  (Yeaton)  housework

Sayward, Eben F  butcher  RFD 2
    Bessie I  (married Chadbourne)
    *Blanche  housework  Wells
    Charles E  mill work
    Beulah B  pupil
    Bertha J  (Allen)  housework

Shaw, Harriet B  housework

Sayward, Herman  carpenter
    Grace  (Roberts)  housework
    Warren A  pupil

Sayward, Chas  farmer
    Marcia  (Junkins)
    *Chas E  insurance agent  Waltham
    Lawton M  farmer
    Herman J  carpenter
    Carrie  (married Sherburn)

Sayward, L M  farmer
    Rosa M  (Moody)  housework
    Maude L  pupil

Sanborn, John C  carpenter

Shackford, Alphia E  (Drown)  retired  RFD 2
    Etta A  (married Poole)  housework

Sherburne, Fred J  general work
    Carrie M  (Sayward)  housework
    Raymond E  pupil
    Walter M  pupil
    Mary E  

Simonault, Edward  RFD 2  saw mill proprietor
    Melina  (Venner)  housework
    Alfred  fireman
    Doloris  pupil
    George  pupil
    Edward  pupil
    Edmund  pupil

Small, Almira C  RFD 2

Smith, Charles  general work

Smith, Geo L  farmer  RFD 1
    Emily  (Roberts)  housework

Smith, Percy H  pupil

Snow, Rev Benj P  librarian
    Annie L  (Chandler)
    *Ellen F  teacher  Gorham

Stanley, Richard S  farmer  RFD 1
    Esther A  (Nason)  housework
    Laila M  housework

Stanley, Moses  gardener

Stanley, Lizzie  housework

Stevens, Albert B  farmer  RFD 1
    Annie E  (Clements)  housework
    Leland H  farmer

Stimpson, Marion  (Roberts)  (Edwards)

Stone, John H  farmer  RFD 1
    Louise E  (Easter)  housework
    Martha J
    John Stephen

Stone, Stephen B  farmer  RFD 1
    Ada M  (Bennett)   housework
    John H  farmer
    *Mary Agnes  (married Abbott)  Shapleigh
    *Susie E  housework  Sanford
    Lulu M  student
    Myrtle V  pupil
    Sarah M  pupil
    Henry B  pupil
    Bertha D  pupil

Struthers, Alfred L  cong clergyman
    Carrie E  (Hardy)
    Parke  student
    Margaret  pupil
    Francis  pupil


Taylor, Washington C  farmer  RFD 1
    Elizabeth  (Holland)  housework
    Linnie M  (married Burbank)  housework

Tebbets, Abbie  (Morrill)  housework
    Ellen  teacher
    Ella  teacher
    Mamie  housework
    *Etta  (married Sanborn)  Gorham
    George  general work
    John  teamster
    Edward  farmer
    Dane  farmer

Tebbets, Geo  general work
    Alice  (Allen)  housework
    Maud  pupil
    Fred G

Thompson, Abbie W  housework  RFD 2

Thompson, Ezra  retired  RFD 2
    Olive  (Fernald)  retired

Tinkham, Ephraim  farmer
    Lydia  (Dow)  housework

Townsend, John G  retired
    Melissa  (Wakefield)  housework
    *Louisa A  carpenter  Portsmouth, NH
    Mabel F  dress maker
    *Addie  (married Carll)  housework  Portsmouth, NH
    *Leroy  barber  Portland
    *Will  laundry  Sanford
    Clarence  pupil

Trafton, Geo H  farmer  RFD 1
    Olive A  (Ridley)  housework
    Arthur H  farmer

Trafton, A H farmer  RFD 1
    Myra  (French)  housework

Trafton, Lydia J  (Chesley)  retired  RFD 1

Trafton, Esther A  (Ridley)  housework

Trafton, Jotham  farmer  RFD 3
    Nellie  (Avery)  housework
    Bessie  housework
    Freeman  pupil
    Susie  pupil
    Rufus  pupil

Trafton, Samuel  town farm

Tripp, Lucy A  (Gile)  housework
    Julia A  housework
    Emma P  teacher

Tripp, N G  retired  RFD 2
    Lizzie  (Morrison)  housework

Tripp, G W  farmer  RFD 2
    Mary E  (Fisk)  housework
    *Louie R  teacher  North Wilbraham, Mass
    Fred W  teacher


Wadsworth, Sarah  (Chadbourne)  RFD 2

Walker, Abbie  (Tripp)  housework
    *William H  paymaster  Sanford
    *Chas travelling salesman  Portland

Wallingford, Otis  farmer  RFD 3
    Mary L  (McKenney)  housework
    Harvey E  pupil
    Alma  pupil
    Harry  pupil
    Marcia Edna

Watson, Geo L  farmer
    *Frank S  ss work  Springvale

Webber, Albert  farmer  RFD 2
    Mariette  (Chase)  housework

Weeks, David J  teamster
    Ella L  (Batcheldar)  housework
    James Roy  pupil
    Leah M  pupil
    M Florence  pupil

Wells, Cyrus K  carpenter  RFD 2
    *Albert L  sign painter  Lynn, Mass
    Louisa J  (Chadbourne)

Wentworth, Ed  general work
    Lillian  (---)  housework  RFD 2

Wentworth, Catherine  (Plaisted)  housework
    Florence  bookkeeper
    *Harvey  motorman  Boston

Whitten, George  laborer

Whitten, Ellen I  (Littlefield)  boarding housework

Whitten, Roscoe G  clerk
    Mary A  (Allen)  boarding housework
    Mary E  teacher
    Annie D  housework

Williams, S S  carpenter & builder
    *Geo H  hotel clerk  Adirondack Inn Sacandaga Park, NY
    *Sidney C  36 Claybourne  Dorchester, Mass literary editor, Boston Record
    Bessie A  at home
    Alice M  student

Willard, Fezelton T  general work

Wormwood, Joseph farmer  RFD 2
    *Everett  teamster  East Boston, Mass
    *Mabel  (married Phillips)  East Boston, Mass
    *George  printer  East Boston, Mass
    Ida  (Linscott)  housework

Wormwood, Daniel  RFD 2  stone mason
    Sarah  (Leavitt)  housework
    *Anna  (married Crowley)  housework  Biddeford
    *Ira  stone mason  Biddeford
    Mark  stone mason
    *A Dora  (married Smith)  housework  Kennebunk

Wormwood, Mark W  RFD 2  stone mason
    Lovina  (Armstrong)  housework


Yeaton, Weld H  farmer  RFD 3
    Annie  (Hussey)  housework
    *Charles  railroad service  Sanford
    Harold  pupil

Yeaton, Judith  (Marshall)  RFD 3
    Timothy  farmer

Young, Chas  town farm


Henry G Green  elder & trustee

Stephen Gowen  herdsman

Franklin Butler  gardener

Alexander Petiff  pupil

Fannie Casey  eldress & trustee

Lucinda Taylor  trustee

Harriet Coolbroth  eldress

Mary Walker

Eva May Libby

Edith Gardener

Sarah Nason

Paulina Springer

Eliza Jeffers

Ellen Griffin 

Ada Field  caretaker of little girls

Hattie Faulkenham

Grace Faulkenham  pupil

Carrie  Timmany  pupil

Etta Dolby

Emma Soule  pupil

Winifred Cates  pupil

Florence Haskell  pupil

Bertha Grace  pupil

Ethel Thompson  

Edna Coolbroth

Mabel Johnson  pupil

Ida Johnson  pupil

Jennie Johnson  pupil

Lena Johnson  pupil

Nellie Wentworth  pupil

Mary Wentworth  pupil

Mildred Barker  pupil









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