Layout for Sanborn Cemetery in Acton

Cemetery is not to scale. 
This cemetery has been split into two sections due to its width.
Please scroll down to see the right side.

Col. John Garvin

Hannah Hodsdon Garvin

James Garvin

Elizabeth Garvin

Lydia Garvin

Patricia Mary Bragg

Unmarked with Veteran's Flag

Robert W. Keefe

Thomas F. Keefe

Minnie W. Keefe

Chester Keefe

Robert Williams

Eric A. Williams


Stanley Cibel

Thelma Cibel

Arthur Witham

Margaret Witham

Lloyd & Rachel Bragg

George Bragg


Willie Earl Bragg

Josiah Witham & Family

Willie Earl Bragg Footstone

Herny Augustus Horne

Millard F. Fenner

Elmer Walsh

Ralph & Olive Bragg Jowett

Ella Grant

John I Sanborn

Alice Sanborn

Lloyd Bragg

Rachel Bragg

Baby Bragg

Georgianna Bragg

Father Bragg

Mother Bragg

Right Side of Cemetery

                Susan M. Garvin Wm. G. Garvin             Harland H. & Mary Elizabeth Wilson  
  Moses Garvin Lucy Ham Garvin Moses H. Garvin Amasa Garvin Samuel H. Garvin Infant Garvin                      
      John G. & Mary E. Sanborn                       

Fred K Bodwell and family

CMS Infant EHS   X Father Mother   Mary E. Cloutman Thomas Cloutman Mehitable H. Cloutman   Fred Jennie   Harold Ruth