Plummer Cemetery
Richmond, Maine

This cemetery is on Plummer Road in Richmond, Sagadahoc County, Maine. I would like to thank Mrs. Judy Watterson for the information.

1.  Unknown, Unmarked Male (drowned on Plummer Road)
2.  Harmon, Zenes d. 20 May 1874 - 75 yrs 5 mos.
3.  Harmon, Charles C. son of Zenes and Dorothy d. 16 August 1874  27 yrs 1 mo.
4.  Harmon, Dorothy, wife of Zenes d. 2 May 1907 - 91 yrs. 7 mos. 6. das.
5.  Colby, Geo. W. son of Rev. James & Mary Colby d 30 Aug 1848  2 yrs 9 mo
6.  Colby, Mary Ann dau. of Rev. James and Mary Colby d. 6 Sept 1848  5 yrs 8mos
7.  Ricker, Abbae Dau of Geo. S. & Elvira  d 3 Dec 1856  1 yr 27 das
8.  Tibbetts, Louisa Dau of Harriet & Ambrose d22Sept1848  11mos27das
9.  Rollins, David d14Feb1871  81yrs
10.Rollins, Nancy wife of David d22Feb1871  81yrs
11.Loring, Mary E. dau of John & Philene  d28Aug1852  4yrs6mos
12.Loring, John d14Oct 1876  81yrs5mos
13.Loring, Philene wife of John  d11Feb1881  78yrs
14.Plummer, Henry O. son of Otis & Abigail  d10Sept1840  2mos
15.Dyer, Jane A. Wife of Geo. L.  d13Mar1855  36yrs
     Dyer, Charles H. their son, died at sea  9Sept1863  18yrs
16.Plumer, Aaron, Jr.  d15Aug1874  90yrs2mos6das  (Surveyor)
17.Plumer, Anna (wife of Aaron, Jr.  d12Jun1864  81yrs7mos
18.Plumer, Sally A. d21Feb1838  28yrs3mos6das
19.Plumer, Elizabeth Ann d23Jun1846  22yrs11mos14das
20.Plumer, Lydia, wife of Aaron d15Oct1825  75yrs
21.Plumer, Aaron d2Sept1839  89yrs  (Veteran of Rev. War)
22.Plumer, Daniel d27Apr1817  23Yrs9mos10das
23.Plumer, Mary Ann dau of Libby & Mary d22Oct1837  15mos
24.Plumer, Mary Ann dau of Libby & Mary d31Aug1838  9mos
25.Plumer, Frances son of Libby & Mary d24Apr1846  5mos
26.Plumer, Mary wife of Libby d21Jul1846  33yrs
27.Plumer, Libby d29Jul1854  46yrs5mos8das
28.Plumer, Aaron B. 4Feb1828 d3Jun1855  27yrs3mos27das
29.Plumer, Elizabeth J. d5Apr1861  29yrs9mos
30.Stearns, Ellen M. wife of Daniel M. (widow of John S. Reynolds)  d26May1878  32yrs
31.Reynolds, John S.  d14Jan1870 35yrs
32.Plumer, John A.   b15Mar1816 d1Apr1857  41yrs17das
33.Plumer, Samual O. son of John A. & Margaret B d3Oct1851  1yr3mos
35.Bales, Infant twin daughters of Frederic & Joanna Bales  d28Jan1842
36.Bales, infant son of Frederic & Joanna d27Nov1832
37.Libby, Mary wife of Sherburn d8Mar1884  89yrs9mos
38.Libby, Sherburn d13Jan1868  77yrs4mos
39.Libby, Charlie S. son of John W. & Eliz. M.  d15Nov1857  17mos5das
40.Libby, Eliz. A. wife of John W.  d20Jun1893  96yrs8mos
41.Libby, J. Watson  d5Apr1891  72yrs.
42.Flanders, Hannah wife of Benj.  "Aunt Hannah"  d9Jun1897  75yrs6mos
43.Libby Everett W. husband of Alice E.  1881-1932
44.Libby, Alice E. wife of Everett  1887-1971
45.Plummer, Otis 1818-1902
46.Plummer, Abigail wife of Otis 1820-1888
47.Plummer, Francis B. son of Otis and Abigail 1850-1932
48.Reynolds, Charles M., son of John & Ellen 1862-1936
49.Reynolds, Helen V. wife of Charles 1863-1939
50.Reynolds, Bertha A. (R.N.) their dau. 1901-1942
51.Reynolds, Walter S. their son 1885-1953
52.Reynolds, Abbie (unmarked grave) age approx 45yrs  d/approx 1910
54.Lancaster, Willy & Andy (unmarked graves) infants
55.Meserve, Geo. W. 1838-1900
56.Meserve, Elbridge, C.B. 1835-1868 Post 137 G.A.R.
57.Meserve, Harriet E. 1869-1895
58.Meserve, Albion, C. G. 1832-1914
59.Meserve, Dorcas (his wife) 1831-1879
60.Meserve, Susan E. 1864-1880
61.Meserve, Hattie E. 1861-1882
62.Meserve, Joshua 1791-1872
63.Meserve, Delia F. dau of Reuben & Levina d25Sept1840  10das
64.Meserve, Matthias, Son of Reuben & Levina d17Jun1838  8yrs11mos
65.Meserve, Charles B. son of Reuben & Levina d13May1848  10yrs3mos
66.Umberhind, Harriet E. dau of John B. & Harriet Ann d14Feb1852  6mos
67.Umberhind, Harriet Ann, wife of John B.  d26Dec1852  25yrs5mos
68.Booker, Rebecca, wife of John W.  d5Apr1870  25yrs6mos12das
69.Booker, John W.  d28Sept1886  44yrs11mos
70.Meserve, Levina, wife of Reuben d8May1876  72yrs
71.Meserve, Reuben  d22Feb1862  62yrs1mo10das
72.initials only (M.A.C.  G.W.C.)
73.Meserve, Charles R., son of Levina & Reuben  d19Dec1866
74.Meserve, Sylvester F., son of Levina & Reuben d7Nov1856  23yrs.3mos
75.Welch, Esther F.  b28Oct1841 d17Jul1878
76.Welch, Albion b3Apr1836 d7Jul1909
77.Pratt, John W.  d31Dec1906  77yrs2das  Post 137 G.A.R.
78.Little, Emily S.  d25Oct1912  85yrs. (wife of John)
79.Harmon, Sumner  b21Apr1845  d4Nov1922
80.Harmon, Emma F. Little, wife of Sumner b31Dec1854 d25Feb1931
81.Beaudry, Baby Boy(unmarked) ?1924, son of Mildred Little Beaudry, dau of Emma
         (Mildred died in childbirth, but not buried here)
82.Harlow, Corrin B.  d13May1910  64yrs12das
83.Harlow, Arexene Berry, his wife  1838-1929
84.Orcutt, Hattie M., dau of Arexene  d25Jan1913  35yrs10mos
85.Harlow, Edmond C.  1884-1959
86.Waddell, Edna P., wife of Freeman J.  1890-1932
87.Waddell, Freeman J.  b1886 (not buried here)
88.Varney, Leroy M. 1884-1914
89.Varney, Maude A., his wife  1886-1954
90.Varney, Roy Alton 1907-1935
91.Varney, Walter S.  b24Dec1907  d5Jul1914
92.Palmer, Louisa D., wife of John T.  b18Dec1854 d8May1909
93.Curtis, Alonzo   83yrs
94.Curtis, John C.  d17Mar1900  79yrs7mos
95.Curtis, Randella, 2nd wife of John C.  78yrs.
96.Curtis, Mary A.  1st wife of John C.  d26Sept1889  67yrs10mos
97.Jages, Abbie E., wife of Gilbert D.  d1Aug1886 29yrs4mos





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