Waterboro Marriage Publishments

The following publishments of marriages were recorded in the Vital Records of Waterboro, Maine. Please note that some of these marriages may not have actually occurred in Waterboro. Remember to check for alternate spellings as these are listed exactly as they were recorded.

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Groom    Town    Bride    Town    Date of Marriage    Date of Return

Burbank James M.     Somersworth, NH     Phebe Hill     Waterboro     1 Nov 1825     24 May 1836 
James     Waterboro     Elener Junkins     Waterboro     Unknown    25 Apr 1816 
Gerry Silas     Waterboro     Eunice Lord     Waterboro     Unknown    25 Apr 1816 
Junkins James     Waterboro     Stadtira Waterman     Waterboro     Unknown    25 Apr 1816 
Knight James     Waterboro     Jane Carle     Waterboro     Unknown    Unknown    25 Apr 1816 
Pitts Simeon H.     Waterboro     Mahiable Scribner     Waterboro     19 Oct 1834     25 Feb 1837 
Ross Simon     Shapleigh     Abigail Burley     Waterboro     20 Sep 1818     20 Mar 1826 
Thompson Jacob     Waterboro     Ann Maria Woodsom     Waterboro     27 Feb 1836     27 Feb 1837 
Thompson Nahum     Waterboro     Lucinda Whitten     Waterboro     29 Mar 1835     26 Feb 1837 
Weymouth Levi     Waterboro     Mary Coffin     Waterboro     19 Nov 1818     20 Mar 1826