1904 Census for South Berwick

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Individuals who were indicated by an * on the other South Berwick pages (as being non-residents) are listed below, followed by the cities or towns where they resided in 1905.  If you have not already checked the other South Berwick pages please do so now as you will mostly likely find other family members listed.

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Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)

The names are not necessarily alphabetical within letter groups.

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Adams, John D    Newburyport, Mass

Austin, Harry F    Chelsea, Mass

Allen, Evelyn M    (Perkins)    Salmon Falls, NH

Allen, John M    Dover, NH

Atkinson, George W    Portsmouth, NH

Atkinson, Edward W    Marlboro, Mass

Atkinson, Carl W    Beverly, Mass

Allen, Ida    (Allen)    Gloucester, Mass


Bradeen, Avon D    West Rutland, Mass

Butler, Herman W    Haverhill, Mass

Butler, Noris A    South Lawrence, Mass

Butler, Annie A    (Varney)    Rollinsford, N H

Bodge, C Thornton    Wells

Bodge, Byron H    Wells

Beales, Wesley C    Stoneham, Mass

Beales, Clara W    (Silsbee)    Leroy, Minn

Beales, Emma M    (Slavin)    Rockport, Mass

Butler, Carrie E    (Brown)    Somerville, Mass

Bunce, George    Boston, Mass

Bentley, Frank B    Swampscot, Mass

Bennett, Gertrude    (Whittis)    New Dam, NH

Bennett, Mabel    (Libbey)    Berwick

Bennett, Ruth    (Smith)    Berwick

Burleigh, Annie A    (Burleigh)    Tavers, Florida

Burleigh, S Elizabeth    (Davis)    York

Besse, Angie F    (Hurd)    Sanford

Boston, Carrie B    (Hasty)    York

Boyd, Eva M    (Burnham)    North Berwick

Boyd, Frances E    (Wormwood)    Springvale

Boyd, Percie    Beverly, Mass

Brown, George G    Sanford

Brown, Walter C    Dover, NH

Brown, Lizzie E    (Hubbard)    North Berwick

Bedell, Herbert L    Somersworth, NH

Blaisdell, Nellie    (Howard)    Lynn, Mass

Blaisdell, Christopher    Lynn, Mass

Brooks, Louisa    Rochester, NH

Bartlet, Alice H    (Plaisted)    Waterville


Cheney, B. Goodwin    Dorchester, Masss

Cheney, Chase E    Rochester, NH

Clark, Frederick C    Portland

Clough, George F, Jr    Newburyport, Mass

Clough, Sadie R    Boston, Mass

Cheney, Hannie M    (Tuttle)    Greenland, NH

Cheney, George F    Mass

Casgraus, Mary    (Burke)    Somersworth, NH

Cunningham, George    New York

Cunningham, William    Boston, Mass

Clark, Eva N    (Perkins)    Wells

Clark, Mary H    (Kemp)    East Boston, Mass

Clarke, Arthur L    Rochester, NY

Clark, Walter B    Somersworth, NH

Coughlin, Minnie    (Ariel)    Amesbury, Mass

Carleton, William I    East Bridgewater, Mass

Cox, Frank O    Concord, NH

Coffin, Olive J    (Brasseur)    Bradford, Mass

Coffin, George H    Rollinsford, NH

Cheney, Carrie T    (Chute)    Boston, Mass

Coveney, Nellie E    (Trafton)    Shapleigh

Carpenter, Melvin F    Rochester, NH

Carpenter, Elroy B    Portland

Crittenden, Mary L    (Fellows)    East Somerville, Mass

Crittenden, Hattie A    (Brown)    Sterling, Mass

Crittenden, Charles W    East Princeton, Mass

Crittenden, Almyra M    (Bradley)    Gloucester, Mass

Crittenden, Lizzie    North Berwick

Cheney, Mabel E    (Gray)    Wells

Cheney, Alice G    Dover, NH


Downing, Grace B    (Robinson)    Manchester, NH

Downing, James W    Amesbury, Mass

Downing, Louis S    Derry, NH

Downing, Ezra P    Derry, NH

Downing, Alva L    Derry, NH

Downing, Ira M    Newton, NH

Downing, Walter I    Derry, NH

Dodge, John W    Raymond, NH

Dockham, Nettie I    (Oulton)    Portsmouth, NH

Dockham, Frank P    Berwick

Dockham, Alice M    (Chamberlain)    Springvale

Drury, Ezella    (Keef)    Salem, Mass

Drury, Louisa    (Farnsworth)    Providence, RI

Drury, William E    Portsmouth, NH

Drury, Sadie V    (Ladd)    Eping, Mass

Drury, Annie H    (Varney)    Woburn, Mass

Driscoll, Mary F    (Reardon)    Lynn, Mass

Davis, Delia    (Emmott)    Providence, RI

Davis, Lillian    (Thornton)    Providence, RI

Donovon, John F    Lawrence, Mass

Deering, Florence L    (Frost)    Lynn, Mass

Dorr, Henry J    Roxbury, Mass

Dennett, Harry A    Boston, Mass

Dennett, Jennie    (Davis)    Dover, NH

Dennett, Annie    (Davis)    Boston, Mass

Day, Walter J    Wells


Elwell, Washington    Boston, Mass

Emery, George W    Bayhorse, Idaho

Emery, Frank    Park City, Utah


Fall, Fred H    Minneapolis, Minn

Fall, Charles A    Haverhill, Mass

Fall, George W    Bradford, Mass

Fall, Arthur W    Minneapolis, Minn

Ferguson, Martha L    (Brackett)    St Paul, Minn

Ferguson, Emma A    (Marshall)    Wakefield, Mass

Flagg, Charles A    Swanscot, Mass

Flagg, Alice M    (Tatum)    Shanghai, China

Flagg, Emma I    (Shaw)    Berwick

Farnham, Walter E    Exeter, NH

Farnham, Warren Y    Springfield, Mass

Frost, William E    Kittery

Flynn, Frank H    Portland

Flaherty, John    Lynn, Mass

Flaherty, Thomas    Lynn, Mass

Flaherty, Timothy    Augusta

Flaherty, Patrick    Fitchburg, Mass

Flynn, Fred    Boston, Mass

Flynn, Ralph B    Portsmouth, NH

Foss, Cotton H    Rollinsford, NH

Foss, Adeline    (Wentworth)    Rollinsford, NH


Goodwin, Grace A    (Hooper)    North Berwick

Goodwin, M Anna    (Estes)    Somersworth, NH

Gould, Fannie M    (Gray)    Wells

Gould, Almeda    (Gerrish)    Berwick

Gould, Ellsworth F    North Berwick

Gilman, Nellie E    (Woodman)    Durham, NH

Gerrish, Edward E    Kittery Point

Goodwin, Mary E    (Boody)    Somerville, Mass

Goodwin, Ina    (Loeser)    Lynn, Mass

Getchell, Frank E    Kittery Point

Goddard, Adam    Boston, Mass

Guppey, John P    Boston, Mass

Golden, Rose A    (Leighton)    Manchester, NH

Goodwin, Lewis A    Lynn, Mass

Glover, Frank W    Chicago, Ill

Goodwin, Lillie M    (Littlefield)    North Berwick

Goodwin, Irving    North Berwick

Goodwin, Ernest N    Chickamauga Park, Georgia

Grant, Vina C    (Dowing)    Dover, NH

Grant, Ola B    York Harbor

Goodwin, Ida E    (Grant)    Salmon Falls, NH

Goodwin, Russell F    West Somerville, Mass

Goodwin, Algernon    Beverly, Mass

Goodwin, Fred F    Lynn, Mass

Goodwin, Eva A    (Knight)    Somerville, Mass

Goodwin, Fannie W    (Stiles)    Dover, NH

Goodwin, Dearborn J    Beverly, Mass

Goodwin, Thurman T    Dover, NH

Goodwin, Crissie M    (Morrill)    Concord, NH

Goodwin, Florence A    (Dorr)    Roxbury, Mass

Goodwin, Mercy O    Providence, RI

Goodwin, Harry H    Berwick

Goodwin, Howard S    Portland


Huntress, Gertrude L    (Thompson)    Somerville, Mass

Huntress, Clarence J    Georgetown, Mas

Hanson, Maude    (Huges)    Providence, RI

Hanson, Grace M    (Smalley)    Dover, NH

Howard, Arthur D    Ipswich, Mass

Howard, Albert O    Newport, RI

Hamilton, Fannie    (Hadley)    Lynn, Mass

Hamilton, Jennie    (Hurd)    North Berwick

Hubbard, Mora B    (Doe)    Somersworth, NH

Hubbard, Eben L    Boston, Mass

Ham, Carrie E    (Willis)    Eliot

Hanscom, George    Brocton, Mass

Hanscom, Minnie    (Joy)    Peabody, Mass

Hanscom, Howard H    Portsmouth, NH

Hanscom, Jacob C    Boston, Mass

Hanscom, Milton C    Raymond, NH

Hanscom, Frank V    Portsmouth, NH

Harvey, Herman    Reading, Mass

Harvey, Cora A    (Heikes)    Albion

Hobbs, Charles H    Asheville, NC

Ham, Maurice J    Dover, NH

Hilbourne, Addie M    (Whitehouse)    Dover, NH

Hilbourne, Edward E    Lynn, Mass

Hanson, Emma    (Cheney)    Dorchester, Mass

Hasty, Hattie    (Webber)    Eliot

Hasty, Warren V    Rochester, NH

Hamilton, Ernest T    North Berwick

Hamilton, Jennie M    North Berwick

Hasty, Sadie    (Johnson)    Eliot

Hooper, Herbert C    North Berwick

Hamilton, Alice    (Williams)    North Berwick

Hooper, Charles E    Kennebunk

Hooper, Maud E    (Nason)    Portland

Hooper, Josie E    (Spokesfield)    West Campton, NH

Hooper, Oscar H    North Berwick


Jellison, James H    Greenville Junction

Jellison, Olive N    (Cheney)    Wells

Jellison, Eva M    (Webber)    York

Jellison, Cleveland    York

Jellison, Diamond    York

Joy, John A    Bangor

Joy, Emily A    (Thompson)    North Berwick

Joy, Mercy A    (Grant)    North Berwick

Joy, Myra J    (Chadman)    North Berwick

Joy, Oscar P    North Berwick

Joy, Leander    Peabody, Mass

Joy, Frank A    Peabody, Mass

Joy, Charles H    San Francisco, Cal

Joy, Elmer E    Portland

Joy, Charles E    Danvers, Mass

Joy, Daniel I    Lynn, Mass

Joy, Delia A    (Tibbets)    Alton Bay, NH

Joy, Orin C    Kittery

Joy, H Etta    (Joy)    Peabody, Mass

Jarvis, Leon    Hartford, Conn

Joy, W Anna    (Clark)    Haverhill, Mass

Joy, Orien L    Somersworth, NH

Joy, Leonard E    Watertown, Mass

Joy, H Edgar    Somerville, Mass


Knight, John J    Cambridgeport, Mass

Knight, Clarence E    North Cambridge, Mass

Knight, Alma A    (Hamilton)    Cambridgeport, Mass

Knight, William E    Taunton, Mass

Knight, Minnie    (Brown)    Dover, NH

Knight, Blanche    (Lee)    Dover, NH

Knight, Irvin E    Exeter, NH

Knight, Eddie E    Somerville, Mass

Knight, Howard A    Scarboro


Littlefield, Ida E    (Lincoln)    North Berwick

Littlefield, Melvin E    North Berwick

Lord, Clarence P    Somersworth, NH

Lowell, Frank W H    Exeter, NH

Lowell, Nellie E    (Spencer)    Berwick

Lowell, Annie L    (Glovern)    Chicago, Ill

Lewis, Phillip P    Gorham

Lewis, George L    Brunswick

Leonard, Stephen    Lynn, Mass

Leonard, Michael J    Haverhill, Mass

Libbey, Carrie M    Malden, Mass

Lord, Emma F    (Bickford)    Gonic, NH

Lord, Edith M    Dover, NH


Moore, Luella    (Shackley)    Shapleigh

Morrison, George E    Saco

Morrison, Arthur E    Rumford Falls

Morrison, John H    Dover, NH

Morrill, George E    Portsmouth, NH

Moulton, Herbert L    Dover, NH

Moulton, Margie E    (Middaugh)    Leta, Florida

McDaniel, Charles W    Portsmouth, NH

McDaniel, James S    Melrose, Mass

Milbury, Sophronia M    (Atherton)    South Berwick RFD #2

Morrison, Guy C    Alfred

Morley, John L    Manchester, NH

Morley, William N    Rollinsford, NH

Morley, Ella R    (Clair)    Quincy, Vermont

Morley, Henry W    Stoneham, Mass

Morley, George N    Boston, Mass

Milbery, Carrie L    (Johnson)    Lawrence, Mass

Milbery, Myrtle O    (Rhynard)    La Hare Island, NC

Milbery, Victor M    Eliot

Milbery, Mabel Y    (Randall)    Lawrence, Mass

Moulton, Isaac    Kennebunk

Moulton, James M    Kennebunk

Moulton, Andrew J    Kennebunk

Moulton, Lillian    (Hanscom)    Kennebunk

Moulton, Olive N    (Stevens)    Kennebunk


Norman, Silas    Ogunquit

Norman, Mary    Ogunquit

Nowell, Justin P    Somerville, Mass

Nowell, Joseph A    Somerville, Mass

Nowell, Eugenie O    (Drew)    Lowell, Mass

Nason, Charles     Lynn, Mass

Nealley, Howell F    Hopedale, Mass

Nealley, Edwin B    Hopedale, Mass

Nealley, Benjamin H    Somerville, Mass

Neal, Florence    Dover, NH


Oakes, Charles W    New York

Oakes, Marcia O    (Woodbury)    Boston, Mass


Pelletier, Marie M    (Cutting)    Rumford Falls

Pike, Eugenia G    (Hopkins)    Chicago, Ill

Pike, Caroline K    Portland

Pike, Robert M    Malden, Mass

Pike, Mary F    Portland

Philpot, Pearl M    (Nealley)    Hopedale, Mass

Perry, Hardy    Lisbon, NH

Pierce, Wilbur H    Rehoboth, Mass

Pierce, George P    Barrowsville, Mass

Parsons, Agnes    (Rogers)    York Corner

Parsons, J Arthur    York

Parsons, W Edwin    Tucson, Arizona

Plaisted, John F    Portland

Phillips, Charles W    Boston, Mass

Pierce, Mary E    (Sawyer)    North Conway

Pierce, Arthur L    Dover, NH

Pierce, Lilla J    (Preston)    Rochester, NH

Pierce, Frank G    Malden, Mass

Pierce, Henry E    Alfred

Pierce, Edith J    (Sias)    Salmon Falls, NH


Quimby, Bertha M    (Stone)    North Berwick


Ricker, Mary W    Oxford, Mass

Ridley, Lucy R    (Trafton)    Cape Natick, York

Ridley, Asenath G    Alfred

Ridley, Mary G    Alfred

Ross, George I    Peterborough, NH

Richards, Millie J    (Webster)    Lynn, Mass

Raino, George H    New York City

Raino, Napoleon    New Milford, Conn

Raino, Mary L    Chocorna, NH

Rollins, George T    Everett, Mass

Ramswell, Wesley A    Boston, Mass

Richards, J Ralph    LaJunta, Cal


Sargent, Daniel    Gloucester, Mass

Sargent, Margaret    (Allen)    Wells

Sargent, Melvin    North Berwick

Sargent, Lewis A    Wells

Stone, Mark E    North Berwick

Stone, Lauriston W    Somerville, Mass

Stone, Herbert F    North Berwick

Swasey, Charles H    Concord, NH

Stone, Emeline F    Milford, Mass

Stone, H Malcolm    Boston, Mass

Shaw, Roscoe H    Kansas City, Kan

Shaw, Hattie M    Boston, Mass

Spencer, Maud D    (Davis)    North Andover, Mass

Sweet, Frank W    Chicago, Ill

Somerset, John E    Waltham, Mass

Somerset, Adolphus P    Waltham, Mass

Smith, Minnie J    (Farwell)    Somersworth, NH

Seely, Hartford B    Ferguson, BC

Shorey, Cornelia A    (Grant)    Malden, Mass

Shorey, Florence    (Soule)    Dorchester, Mass

Shorey, Abbie A    (Green)    Canaan, NH


Thompson, Harold B    Somersworth, NH

Thompson, Fred E    Placentia, Cal

Thurell, George H    South Peabody, Mass

Thurell, Nathaniel B    Lynn, Mass

Tate, Hortense B    (Foote)    Lowell, Mass

Trask, Mabel A    Beverly, Mass

Thompson, Charles E    Portland

Thompson, Laura B    (Stevens)    Wells

Thompson, S Vetter    (Goodwin)    Berwick

Thurrell, Edith M    (Chandler)    Dexter, NH


Varney, Linville D    Pidgeon Cove, Mass

Vernette, Peter E    Somersworth, NH

Vernette, George H    Biddeford


Whitehouse, Lizzie E    (Tibbetts)    Dover, NH

Whitehouse, Sadie E    (Osgood)    Somerville, Mass

Whitehouse, Martin A    Dover, NH

Whitehouse, Lottie M    (Huntress)    Washington, DC

Whitehouse, Mattie J    Washington, DC

Whitehouse, George L    Dover, NH

Wentworth, Caroline Y    Newton Highland, Mass

Whitehead, Edith L    Providence, RI

Woods, James E    Lowell, Mass

Woods, Elizabeth T    (Wentworth)    Rollinsford, NH

Wentworth, Arthur C    Boston, Mass

Wilkinson, Lilla M    (Wentworth)    Rochester, NH

Worster, Nellie F    (Sherley)    Berwick

Worster, Charles A    Berwick

Watts, John F    Providence, RI

Walker, Harry H    20 Newbury    Boston, Mass

Walker, Helen    (Marshall)    492 Cumberland, Portland

Wyckoff, Annie E    (Lewis)    Charleston, Mass

Warren, Henry E    Dover, NH

Walker, Charles G    Greenfield, Mass

Walker, Olive A    (Walker)    Portsmouth, NH

Walker, Mabel C    (Currier)    Melrose, Mass

Whitehouse, Annie    (Wentworth)    Salmon Falls, NH

Wentworth, Harriet E    (Stone)    North Berwick

Wentworth, Augusta H    (Hodgdon)    Haverhill, Mass


Young, Eliza    Roxbury, Mass

Young, Clara     (Loring)    Worcester, Mass

Young, Annie    (Turner)    Chelsea, Mass

Young, Thara S    Revere, Mass






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