1904 Census for South Berwick
 RFD #1 Post Office

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Please note that this Town Census was divided into separate post offices. The other pages are combined with the post office listed after each name. Please be sure and check each page. The good news is the streets are now given following the names. The other thing that is different in this book is the addresses of non-residents are listed in the back so I have created a separate page for them. If you see an asterisk in front of a name, that person is no longer a resident and you may look for them on the non-resident page. Questions or concerns? Contact the web owner.

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the Town Register, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell. 


Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated on the Non Residents Page.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

The names are not necessarily alphabetical within letter groups.

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Allen, Orin P    farmer
    Elsie J    (Boston)    housework
    *Evelyn M    housework
    Herbert R    teamster
    *John M    stable work
    Orin E    teamster
    Jennie C    housework
    Phillip S    farm work
    Ralph E    pupil
    Lillie E    pupil

Allen, Benjamin W    mill operator    Brattle
    Florence E    (Watts)    housework
    Albert V    pupil
    Walter J    pupil
    Nina B

Allen, Marshall    farmer
    Almira    (Allen)    housework
    Jermira    laborer
    William    farmer
    Bell    housework
    Cora M    housework


Ball, Eugene W    manufacturing    Brattle
    Carrie J    (Carpenter)    housework
    R Leroy    broker
    Lionel E    pupil

Ball, R Leroy    broker    Brattle
    Jennie E    (Gorman)    housework
    Eugene L

Beaven, Frank    mill operator    High
    Louisa    (Watts)    housework
    Alice M    mill opeartor
    John E    assistant superintendent
    Clarence T    pupil
    Raymond G    pupil
    Althea E
    Gilbert L S

Ball, Laura P    (Russell)    housework    High
    Ira E    pupil
    Ives A    pupil
    Ralph L, Jr   

Boston, Joseph    stone cutter

Boston, Albra A    farmer
    Grace E    (Rines)    housework
    Mark A    pupil
    Geneva M    pupil
    Edna E    pupil
    Alta P
    Albra L

Boston, Justin W    stone cutter
    Etta M    (Paul)    housework
    Raymond J    pupil
    Lizzie M    pupil
    Guy W
    Jessie F
    Justin W

Boston, John     farmer
    Abbie J    (Moulton)    housework
    William J   
    Laura J
    George A

Besse, Jennie F    (Hasty)    housework
    Georgie A    housework
    *Angie    housework
    Howard H    machinist
    William S    laborer
    Roscoe A    mill operator

Bennett, Charles    farmer
    Alma B    (Morrison)    housework

Boston, Oliver    farmer
    Cora    housework
    Lizzie M    housework

Boston, Oliver A    farmer
    Mary C    (Nason)    housework
    Lois E
    Frank C

Blaisdell, Mary L    (Norton)    housework
    Frank L    farmer
    Eunice G    (Jones)    housework

Blaisdell, O H    farmer
    Phoebe M    (Littlefield)    housework

Boston, George C    farmer
    C May    (Allen)    housework
    Ethel M    pupil
    Arthur A    pupil
    Forrest L

Blaisdell, Eben    farmer
    Ida M    (Miles)    housework
    Edward L    farmer

Blaisdell, Joshua    farmer

Brooks, Catherine    (---)    housework
    Nathaniel    farmer
    *Louisa    housework
    Emma    housework

Brooks, Nathaniel    farmer
    Nellie    (Dewey)    housework
    Ray J    student
    Emma A    pupil
    Guy N    pupil
    Hazel M


Costello, James M    fireman
    Charlotte    (England)    housework

Carpenter, Alvin    mill operator    Brattle
    Lizzie A    (Bradford)    housework
    Carrie J    housework
    *Melvin F    fish business
    Elroy B    barber

Carpenter, George D    pupil    Brattle

Carpenter, Charles C    pupil    Brattle

Cox, George E    watchman    Brattle
    Kate    (Flynn)    housework

Crittenden, Margaret    (Hunt)    housework    Brattle
    *Mary L    housework
    *Hattie A    housework
    *Charles W    stone cutter
    *Almyra M    housework
    Augustus E    mill operator
    Joseph B    mill operator
    Ella N    housework

*Crittenden, Lizzie A    mill operator    Brattle

Collins, Timothy    mill operator    Brattle

Carpenter, William H    blanket manufacturing
    Clarian M    (Ramsdal)    housework
    Josie M    mill operator

Cooper, Carrie L    (Clark)    housework

Chick, Lydia    housework

Carpenter, Leon    farmer
    Hermina    (Rodier)    housework
    Leon N    farmer
    Alice A    mill operator
    Bertha E    pupil
    Roselma    pupil
    Aurore    pupil
    Fred    pupil
    Valmor R

Cheney, Alvin    farmer
    Olivia A    (Allen)    housework
    *Alice G    housework
    *Mabel E    housework

Cook, Charles W    clergy
    Mary E    (Harvey)    housewor
    Franklin W


Donahue, Humphrey    mill operator    Brattle
    Nora    (Mahoney)    housework
    Nora    mill operator
    Mary    mill operator
    Annie    mill operator

Deering, Thomas C    farmer
    Woodbury F    farmer

Deering, Celia    housework

Deering, Woodbury F    farmer
    *Florence L    housework
    Charles F    shoe operator

Drew, Dalphon F L    insurance agent

Dennett, Mary E    (---)    housework
    William H    farmer
    Charles E    farmer
    *Annie    housework
    John A    farmer
    *Jennie    housework
    Moses H    farmer
    *Harry A    clerk
    Fred E    farmer

Dennett, Reuben    farmer


England, John     mill operator
    Charlotte    (Tyrer)    housework
    Joseph    mill operator
    Elizabeth A    mill operator
    Lillian    mill operator
    George W    mill operator
    Charlotte    housework
    John H    motorman
    Arthur    lineman
    Frank E    mill work
    Fred    pupil

England, Joseph    mill operator    Brattle
    Esther L    (Fogg)    housework
    Nellie A
    Charlotte J

Emerson, George D    physician    Brattle
    Myra    (Parsons)    housework
    Elizabeth A

Earle, Lewis A    mill operator    High
    Ida M    (Watts)    housework

Eldridge, Henry W    belt maker
    Fannie    (Butler)    housework
    Lizzie I    student
    Edith M    pupil
    Frank S    pupil
    Milton G

Eldridge, Sherman    laborer
    Jennie E    (Chadwick)    housework
    Fred M

Earl, James B    farmer
    Emma B    (Joy)    housework
    Minnie B    pupil
    Hannah A    pupil
    Henry E    pupil

Emery, John    carpenter
    Mary E    (Boston)
    *J Albert    farmer
    Ida M    housework
    Annie M    student

Emery, Joseph    farmer
    Albert H    farmer

Emery, Emma M    (---)    housework
    Grace E    housework
    George E    farmer
    Cathie I    housework
    Maud E    housework


Falvey, John M    pupil    Brattle

Falvey, Bessie F    pupil    Brattle

Flynn, James E    farmer

Flynn, Catherine E    housework

Foss, James A    R R service
    Emma C    (Wentworth)    housework

Foss, Henry W    R R service
    Genie    (Gilbert)    housework

Fogg, Martha A    (Pierce)    housework    Brattle
    Esther L    housework
    Charles H    mill operator

Foss, Howard    mill operator    Brattle

Foye, Annie     housework    High

Fairlane, Marian    housework

Folsom, Fred H    shoe operator
    Susie J    (Bennett)    housework
    Elver J    laborer
    Helen H    pupil
    Ralph F    pupil
    Ray F    pupil


Glidden, Eugene E    fireman    Pine
    Nettie I    (Nason)    housework
    Frederic R

Griffin, John H    mill operator
    Emma A    (Hanscom)        housework

Graves, William P    station agent
    Codie S    (Neal)    housework

Goodwin, Ivory L    farmer
    Marcia F    (Johnson)    housework
    *Eva A    housework

Goodwin, James W    farmer    High
    M Frances    (Wiggin)    housework
    *Ina    housework

Goodwin, Morrill    mill operator    High
    Annie S    (Warren)    housework

Goodwin, Jacob    mill operator    Brattle
    Sarah J    (Watts)    housework
    Maud F    housework
    Olive A    mill operator
    Clifford    mill operator
    Eva M    pupil
    William C    pupil
    Gertrude E    pupil

Goodwin, Marcia A    housework

Goodwin, Green P    farmer
    Harry P    pupil

Goodwin, Olive    (Grant)    housework
    Stephen D    farmer
    Kattie F    housework

Goodwin, Harmon    farmer

George, Peter    mason
    Cora    (Boston)    housework

Goodwin, Livingston    farmer

Goodwin, Augustus    farmer
    Mary    (Gibbs)    housework
    Lizzie    housework
    Mirtie    housework

Goodwin, George W    shoe operator
    Laura A    (Earl)    housework
    Harold L

Goodwin, G W    farmer
    Hannah A    (Norman)    housework
    *Harry H    motorman
    Minnie L    housework
    *Howard S    stone cutter


Hanscom, Nancy    (Jellison)    housework
    George W    carpenter
    John F    shoe operator
    *Jacob C    carpenter
    *Milton C    engineer
    A Emily    housework
    *Frank V    ship builder

Hanscom, Charles E    cigar manufacturing

Huntoon, Josephine    (French)    housework

Hudson, Isaac C    farm work    Brattle
    Flora E    (Shattuck)    housework
    Alonzo I    teamster
    Florence F I    housework
    Eva O F    pupil

Hanscom, John F    shoe operator    Academy
    Fred    mill operator
    *George C    fireman
    *Minne F    housework

Hanson, Moses C    mill operator    Brattle

Hathaway, Alaxander    farmer

Hanson, David S    farmer
    Sarah A    housework
    Arthur    farmer
    *Emma    housework

Hasty, George B    farmer
    Vinnie V    houework
    *Hattie    housework
    *Warren V

Hanscom, Edwin    farmer
    Laboni    (Gray)    housework

Hasty, Charles    farmer
    Mary    (Jellison)    housework
    *Sadie    housework
    Leon    mill work
    Cora M    pupil
    Ralph W    pupil

Hooper, William H    farmer
    Sarah E    (Littlefield)    housework
    Joseph W    stone cutter
    *Charles E    stone cutter
    *Maud E    housework
    *Herbert C    farmer
    Claria E    housework
    Winfield C    farmer
    *Oscar H    millman
    *Josie E    housework
    Lorenzo E    farmer
    Roy D    mill man
    Florence P    pupil

Hasty, Joseph    farmer
    Sarah    (Hanscom)    housework
    Clarence M    farmer

Hasty, Clarence     farmer
    Lulu    (Emery)    housework

Hasty, Granville    farmer
    Phoebe    (Joy)    housework
    Ethel S    pupil

Hooper, Joseph W    farmer
    Christina L    (Emery)    housework
    Eugene    pupil
    Eva    pupil


Joy, Arthur F    farmer and millman
    Martha B    (Clough)    housework
    Gladys F   
    Vilda H

Johnson, Olive    housework

Jellison, Sophia    (Chase)    housework
    Eliza A    housework
    Emily J    housework

Johnson, Arthur    farmer

Joy, Allen B    farmer
    Mary E    pupil
    Lucinda B    pupil
    Everett A    pupil
    Haven L    pupil

Joy, Josephia    farmer
    Rubie E    pupil
    Ormin E    pupil

Joy, Joseph B    farmer
    Almira    (Fitzwal)    housework
    Joseph E    farmer
    *John A    shoe operator
    *Emily A    housework
    *Mercy A    housework
    *Myra J    housework
    Arthur F    farmer
    Bertha E    student

Joy, Ivory D    farmer
    Hattie L    (Davis)    housework
    *Oscar    box maker
    Roger A    pupil
    Verdie W    pupil
    Carrie V

Joy, Alvah D    farmer
    Daniel B    blacksmith
    Ivory    farmer
    *Leander E    stone cutter
    Fred A    farmer
    *Frank A    stone cutter


Knight, Edwin H    lumberman
    Hannah F    (Meader)    housework
    Herbert L    fireman
    Emma A    teacher
    Lewis M    student
    Flora D    student
    Raymond E    pupil
    Guy F    pupil

Knight, Charles A    farmer
    Eliza M    (Meader)    housework
    *Minnie    housework
    Myrtie M    housework
    *Blanche    housework
    Susie    housework
    Frank G    teamster
    Ruth G    pupil

Knight, Zebulon    clergy
    *Irvin E    mill business
    *Eddie E    machinist
    Annie B    housework
    Mary A    housework
    Charles Z    mill work
    *Howard A    clerk
    Lizzie N    shoe operator
    Sadie A    shoe operator
    Susie M    (Allen)    housework
    Myra G    pupil
    Edith F    pupil


Littlefield, Charles R    farmer
    Luella    (Moulton)    housework
    Clara A    housework

Littlefield, Joseph F    farmer
    Mary E    (Abbott)    housework

Littlefield, Frank H    painter

Littlefield, Martha A    (Pierce)    housework    Brattle

Lord, Mary J    (Goodwin)    housework    Brattle

Lynch, John F    merchant    High
    Margaret M    housework
    Edward F    student
    John P    clerk

Lynch, Daniel    insurance agent    High

Lynch, Margaret M    housework    High

Lynch, Edward    clerk    High
    Evelyn M    (Furbish)    housework
    Barbara A
    Arthur E

Littlefield, Martha A    (Watson)    housework
    Elbridge E    farmer
    Jenet    mill operator
    *Ida E    housework
    *Melvin W    farmer

Lewis, Fred    operator
    Nellie B    (Besse)    housework
    Besse M    housework
    Annie E    housework
    Harold H    teamster


Monroe, Charles H    carpenter and painter
    Lizzie    (Bennett)    housework
    Florence M    pupil
    Perley H    pupil
    Mira E

Merrill, Benjamin R    watchman    Brattle
    Mary E    (Earl)    housework
    Charles C    mill operator
    Dora B    pupil
    Ella M    pupil
    Florence M    pupil
    George R
    William H

McKenzie, Harry     farmer

Morrison, Lewis C    shoe operator
    Emma F    (Jones)    housework
    Maud E    shoe operator

Moulton, Joseph H    farmer
    Addie F    (Hatch)    housework
    Mildred    pupil

Miller, Samuel H    machinist    High
    Annie E    (Boyle)    housework
    Harold R    student
    James H    student
    Susie M    pupil
    George W    pupil
    S Bert    pupil

Moore, Fred    farmer    High
    Florence E    (Lutts)    housework

McDonald, Fred H    mill operator
    Annie    (Packard)    housework
    Carl E

Mitchell, Emeline    housework

Moulton, Alaxander    farmer
    Lydia E    (Welch)    housework

MacKinzie, Georee L    mill work
    Maud E    (Emery)    housework


Nason, Elwell    farmer
    Melissa    (Boyle)    housework
    Mary E    mill operator
    Clara E    mill operator
    Nettie I    housework
    James E    mill operator

Nowell, Hannah J    (Emery)    housework
    *Justin P    engineer
    Edwin E    farmer
    Fannie L    housework
    *Joseph A    engineer

Nowell, Edwin E    farmer
    Annie     (Miles)    housework

Nason, Mark    farmer
    Elizabeth A    (Dore)    housework
    Frank J    farmer
    Fred E    painter

Nowell, Bradford J    farmer
    Mary L    (Bennett)    housework
    *Eugenie O    housework
    Ethel G    housework
    Lottie M    teacher
    Grace E
    Florence E    housework
    Ernest B    pupil
    Carlton D    pupil

Neal, Horace F    farmer

Nason, Jay F    farmer
    Emily     (Jellison)    housework
    Mary C    housework

Norman, John    farmer
    Mary    (Varnum)    housework
    Albert     farmer
    Hannah A    housework
    Thomas    teamster
    *Silas    farmer
    *Mary    housework


Pierce, Samuel    farmer    Brattle
    Charlotte     (Booth)    housework
    Fred C    pupil
    John A    pupil
    Benjamin G    pupil

Parsons, Mrs William A    (Sargent)    housework    Brattle
    *Agnes    housework
    *J Arthur    farmer
    *W Edwin    R R service
    Myra    housework

*Phillips, Charles W    expressman

Porteous, Thomas W    farmer
    Margaret    (Wilson)    housework
    Clarence W    pupil
    William R    pupil

Perkins, Albert C    carpenter
    Kittie B    (Knight)     housework
    Alta L    housework
    Fornie A    carpenter
    Daisy E    pupil
    Kittie B    pupil

Powers, Mary L    (Warren)    housework    High

Packard, Benjamin    farmer
    Sarah A    (Cooper)    housework
    William E    mill operator
    Charles H    laborer
    Bertha    mill operator
    Annie     housework

Pierce, Laura J    (Rand)    housework
    Martha A    housework
    Lilla J    housework
    *Mary E    housework
    *Lydia E    housework
    Charles S    farmer
    *Arthur L    mill operator
    George B    mill operator

Pierce, George B    mill operator
    Ella E    (Sullivan)    housework
    Roy D
    William H
    Charles D   
    Raymond S

Pierce, John L    R R service
    Irene     (Nason)    housework
    Samuel    farmer
    *John F    stable work
    *Henry E    laborer
    Lizzie F    mill operator
    Lettie M    housework
    *Edith J    housework
    Linnie    student

Pierce, Charles S    barber
    Grace M    (Park)    housework
    Arthur W    laborer

Poole, Stella    (---)    housework
    Charles E    farmer
    *Nellie    housework
    *Christopher    clothing business


Rand, Cyrena A    (Preston)    housework    Brattle
    Mary A    housework

Richardson, Charles F    teamster    High
    Amanda D    (Williams)    housework

Russell, Ira W    machinist and carpenter
    Margaret    (Bradford)    housework
    Laura P    housework

Ross, Wesley B    farmer
    Elvy A    (Morrison)    housework
    Maud M    housework


Seely, Albina    (Tatterson)    housework    Brattle
    *Hartford B    miner

Swasey, Charles W    farmer
    Lovisa L    (Boston)    housework
    *Charles H    telegraph
    Frank E    shoe operator
    Arthur J    farmer and musician

Swasey, Arthur J    farmer and musician
    Annie B    (Knight)    housework
    Alice G    pupil
    Marion F    pupil

Shum, Raymond E    pupil

Spriggs, Fred     pupil

Stevens, Edward W    laborer
    Melissa    (Moulton)    housework

Sullivan, Eugene    gardener    High
    Eliza     (Bray)    housework

Stackpole, Martha A    (Pierce)    housework    Brattle
    Laura A    housework

Shea, John     mill operator    Brattle
    Lillian    (England)    housework

Simpson, Mildred A    pupil    High

Simpson, Belle    mill operator    Brattle

Shorey, John    farmer
    Jane    (Smith)    housework

Shorey, Timothy    farmer
    Lucy A    (Funnel)    housework


Tate, Amelia F    (French)    housework
    *Hortense B    housework
    *Henry J    laborer

Thompson, Charles A    farmer
    Shirley E    housework
    Frank A    teamster
    Lizzie M    (Johnson)    housework
    Haven W    pupil

Tatterson, Elizabeth     housework    Brattle

Tatterson, James H    mill operator    Brattle
    Albina E    (Pride)    housework
    Ruby L    housework
    Matilda M    pupil

Thomas, William R    farmer


Varney, Addie F    (Hatch)    housework
    Harry M    mail carrier


Warren, Sarah J    (Jellison)    housework

Willey, Isaac F    mill operator    Brattle
    Ella N    (Crittenden)    housework
    Ella M    mill operator
    Joseph F    pupil

Watts, William A    mill operator    Brattle
    Mary A    (Rand)    housework
    Rena A    pupil
    Effie B    pupil
    Elona A    pupil

Warren, George F    teamster
    Fannie L    (Nowell)    housework
    Beatrice A    pupil
    Gladys M    pupil
    Nellie P
    Delmar G

Warren, George W    farmer    Brattle

Warren, Ann    housework    Brattle

Welch, William    mill operator    Brattle

Watts, William    retired operator    High
    Sarah A    (Eacott)    housework
    Sarah J    housework
    *John F    mill work
    Samuel H    barber
    Florence E    housework
    William A    mill operator
    Ida M    housework
    Rosena E    housework

Wiggin, George A    lumber business    High
    Anna L    (Stevens)    housework
    Mary A    housework

Williams, Susan H    housework    High

Williams, Lilla M    housework    High

Willets, Howard E    pupil

Willey, Sarah A    housework

Wadleigh, Jennie S    housework

Wadleigh, Rosella F    housework

Wadleigh, Byron A    farmer

Wadleigh, Viola L    pupil

Wilkins, Fred H    farmer

Williams, Alvin E    watchman
    Georgie    (Besse)    housework
    George W    pupil
    Edward W    pupil
    Howard H    pupil

Warren, Josephus    farmer
    Mary A    (Nowell)    housework
    Ida F    housework
    *Henry E    stone cutter

Walker, Lucy A    (Fitzgerald)    housework
    Samuel W    farmer
    Lucy J    housework
    *Charles G    engineer
    David W    farmer
    *Olive A    housework
    Lizzie B    housework
    Bertha W    housework
    *Mabel C    housework

Walker, David W    farmer
    Angie E    (Boston)    housework
    Leah P    pupil
    Vera L    pupil

Whitehouse, Lyman E    farmer
    Sarah E    (Houlton)    housework
    *Annie    housework
    Jennett    housework


Young, Mary     (Warren)    housework
    James W    farmer
    Ida M    (Emery)    housework

Young, John H    shoe operator    Brattle
    Jane    (Goodwin)    housework

Young, Moses M    clergy
    *Eliza    nurse
    *Clara    housework
    *Annie    housework
    *Thara S    manager of shoe firm
    Almira A    (Quimby)    housework





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