1904 Census for Kennebunkport
Kennebunkport RFD #1 Post Office

Please be sure and check the other post offices in this town:

Kennebunkport, Biddeford Post Office

Kennebunkport, Biddeford & Miscellaneous 1 Post Offices

Kennebunkport, Cape Porpoise Post Office

Kennebunkport, Kennebunkport Post Office

Kennebunkport, Kennebunkport RFD 1 Post Office

Kennebunkport, Non-Residents Page

Please note the addresses of non-residents are listed in the back so I have created a separate page for them. If you see an asterisk in front of a name, that person is no longer a resident and you may look for them on the non-resident page. Questions or concerns? Contact the web owner.

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Andrews, Nettie    (Wormwood)   
    Charles F.    painter
    Celia F.    housework

Andrews, Celia F    housework

Andrews, Edna F.    pupil

Andrews, Charles E.    pupil

Averill, Susan    housework

Averill, George    farmer
    Sidney    farmer

Averill, Sidney    farmer
    Jennie    (Warren)    housework
    Martha H.    housework

Adams, Frank S.    farmer
    Annie B.    (Chadbourne)    housework
    Carl F.    pupil
    Catharine E.

Adams, Charles B.    farmer
    Susie M.    (Smith)    housework
    Chester T.    farmer

Austin, Mary E.    (Hutchins)    housework


Benson, Eliza J.    (Russell)   

Benson, Herbert    farmer

Benson, Lydia S.    mill operator

Billings, Nathaniel    farmer
    Lydia A.    (Whitten)    housework
    Effie E.    housework
    Luella A.    housework

Braley, Frank O.    millman & farmer
    Lizzie M.    (Johnson)    housework
    Winnie M.

Banks, Harry    boat builder

Braley, Mark V    farmer
    Amanda    (Persons)    housework
    Frank O.    mill & farmer
    Lena M.    housework
    Willis L.    blacksmith
    Ernest L.    pupil

Benson, Albion    R R service
    Lucy    (Hazeltine)    housework
    *Ansil    barber
    Dixie    teamster

Bowley, Frank E.    farmer
    Ida M.    (Goodrich)    housework

Bean, Lydia    (Morrill)    housework
    *Alvarado B.    paymaster
    *Joel    plumber

Benson, Henrietta    (Tanner)    housework
    *Grace H.    housework
    Donzelle E.    teacher

Benson, Olive E.    (Washubrn)    housework    (prob. Washburn)
    Florence W.    housework
    Ernest P.    blacksmith

Boston, Olive    (Moulton)    housework
    John W.    farmer
    Olive J.    housework
    Mary E.    housework

Benson, H. A.    carpenter & teamster
    Alice E.    (Berry)    housework
    Alton H.    pupil
    Marguerite    pupil

Benson, James A.    ex-soldier

Brown, Earl    mill operator
    Gertrude    (Littlefield)    housework

Bean, Leonard H.    clergy
    Augusta    (Hathaway)    housework
    *Edwin R.    plumber
    *Charles E.    editor Easter Argus

Berry, Mary C.    (Burnham)   
    Alice E.    housework

Burnham, Lucy M.    housework

Boston, Charles    ship operator
    Eunice C.    (Griffin)    housework
    Edwin R.    farmer & carpenter
    Leslie G.    pupil


Clough, William F.    farmer
    Mary D.     (Bragdon)    housework

Currier, George H,    farmer
    Eveline     (Bartlett)    housework
    *Walter M.    teacher
    Henry B.    farmer
    *Elvina    mill operator

Clough, Emma L.    (Clough)    housework
    Albert H. J.    carpenter
    *Walter S.    carpenter

Clough, Albert H. J.    carpenter
    Mabel M.    (Huff)    housework
    Mildred B.
    Dorothy M.
    Arthur V.

Currier, Charles M.    R R service
    Ruthie M.    (Towne)    housework
    Lucy I.    waitress
    James A.    farmer
    Charles H.    pupil

Currier, Catharine    (Moulton)
    *William E.    farmer
    Charles M.    R R service
    *Lucy    housework

Clark, Walter    R R service
    Stella    (Goodwin)    housework

Clough, Charles W. B.    carpenter
    Addie M.    (Mendum)    housework
    Lucy I.    student
    Madeline E.    pupil

Clark, George C.    R R service
    Lucy J.    (Thompson)    housework
    Herbert    teamster
    Ethel M.    pupil
    Leo H.    pupil

Clough, G. Nahum    blacksmith
    Maude    (Goodwin)    housework
    Clyde B.

Clough, Edwin H.    carpenter
    Abbie B.    (Larrabee)    housework

Cox, Joseph M.    broker
    Jane S.    (Snow)    housework

Campbell, Melville    teamster
    Luella    (Billings)    housework

Curtis, Erastus    farmer
    Thedocia    (Libbey)    housework

Clough, Melville C.    farmer
    Delphina E.    (Brown)    housework
    Will H.    farmer

Cunningham, Julia    (Merriam)
    *Grace    housework

Cleaves, Narissa C.    (Lunk)   
    *Elizabeth    housework
    Howard M.    farmer
    *Daniel H.    farmer

Campbell, Howard L.    farmer
    Effie E.    (Billings)    housework
    George E.

Clough, Fred W.    r'd com
    Mabel E.    (Lombard)    housework
    Walter C

Coleman, Sumner E.    farmer

Coleman, Nancy A.    (Goodwin)    housework
    Fred G.    farmer
    Flora A.    housework
    Mary E.    teacher

Clough, Charles W.    farmer
    Lucy    (Lord)    housework
    Georgie    housework
    Mabel G.    housework
    Alice L.    housework
    Frederick    farmer
    *Florence E.    housework
    L. Edna    mill operator


Dow, Winfield S.    farmer
    Florence M.    (Leach)    housework

Dow, Leonard P.    mill operator
    Gertrude L.    (Derry)    housework
    Grace W.    housework
    Hale M.    seaman
    Clara L.    pupil
    Mary E.    pupil
    Derry W. F.    pupil
    Francis R.

Doughty, Josephine B.    housework

Dobson, Irving M.    R R service
    Emily W.    (Moore)    housework
    David A.

Day, Eliza J.    (Russell)
    William R.    carpenter
    Grace M.    housework

Deering, Ira    farmer
    Celia    teacher

Durrill, Joseph    farmer
    Robert T.     painter
    Charles E.    farmer
    Ruth J.    housework


Emmons, Crosby    farmer
    Elizabeth    (Prescott)    housework
    George R.    pupil
    Beatrice H.

*Emmons, Thomas A.    manuf.

*Emmons, Arthur B.    manuf.

*Emmons, Grovener B.    manuf.

Ellery, Lydia J.    (Morrill)
    George N.    mill operator


Gowen, William J.    farmer
    Nellie    (Morrison)    housework

Gray, William    mason
    Abbie J.    (Crowley)    housework
    Maud L.    housework
    Millard C.    hotel work
    Herbert C.    farmer


Huff, William H.    fisherman
    Ida E.    (Linscott)    housework
    *Bertha M.    housework
    *Elnora M.    housework
    Walter I.    fisherman
    Abbie E.    pupil

Harrop, Lynthia G.    (Smith)
    Nellie C.    housework

Hutchins, George S.    farmer
    Georgia A.    housework

Hutchins, Jane    housework

Hutchins, William E.    farmer

Hutchins, A. A.    farmer
    Annie M.    (Sproul)    housework
    Wyman E.    farmer
    Lutell S.    farmer
    Lester A.    farmer

Hutchins, Wyman E.    farmer
    Rosa J.    (Stackpole)    housework
    Clifford W.    farmer
    Harold F.    pupil
    Alta M.    pupil
    Elmore L.    pupil

Hagar, D. M.    fisherman
    Annie B.    (Dobson)    housework
    Pearl M.   
    Hazel O.   

Huff, Susannah    (Deshon)
    Lucy     housework
    John F.    carpenter
    George B.    fisherman
    Margarett    housework
    Willie M.    fisherman
    Bertha    housework
    *Charles E.    painter

Hersom, Joel W.    savier
    Mabel    (Seward)    housework
    Emma L.

Houghton, Hannah E.    (Seavey)
    Arabella S.    housework

Hadlock, Dan'l W.    mail carrier
    Olive E.    (Washburn)    housework
    Bessie W.    student

Hutchins, George    farmer
    George, Jr.    farmer

Haseltine, Ernest D.    student

Hutchins, Granville    farmer

Haynes, James E.    farmer
    Cynthia J.    (Towne)    housework
    *Edwin Lesley    teacher
    Lizzie M.    housework

Huff, George P.    farmer
    Mary    (Perkins)    housework

Huff, Albert G.    farmer

Hutchins, Annie M.    (Martin)
    Stuart H.

Huff, Hannah    (Curtis)


Johnson, Lizzie    housework

Jellison, John    farmer
    Mattie E.    (Pendergrast)    housework
    *Grace A.    housework

Jeffery, James S.    farmer

Jeffery, Hattie B.    teacher

Jeffery, Harry D.    farmer


Kimball, Fred W.    clerk
    Lizzie E.    (Smith)    housework
    Walter W.    telegrapher
    Lillian     teacher


Leach, William O.    carpenter
    Mattie    (Leach)    housework
    Ethel M.    housework
    *Elmer G.    student
    Chester H.    pupil
    Lywood G.    pupil

Littlefield, Wilbur R.    student

Littlefield, Alice B.    pupil

Lord, William M.    farmer
    Markanna    (Joy)    housework
    Ida    housework
    *Roscoe    mill operator

Leach, Ernest    painter
    Ernestine    (Meserve)    housework
    Edna L.    

Leach, Charles F.    farmer
    *Alpheus F.    clerk
    Charles M.    laborer
    Earnest G.    painter
    Eugene G.    farmer
    Ralph W.    farmer
    Florence M.    housework
    Leroy A.    pupil

Leach, Eugene G.    farmer
    Alice M.    (Boston)    housework
    Hazel M.
    Alonzo E.

Lombard, Benjamin F.    farmer
    Sarah E.    (Merrill)    housework
    Mabel E.    housework
    Benjamin F.    farmer

Lombard, Frances S.    (Wormwood)
    Charles O.    R R service

Littlefield, C. Otis    R R service
    Flora A.    (Coleman)    housework
    Frank C.    pupil


Meserve, Abraham C.    farmer
    Sarah E.    (Townsend)    housework
    Willard    farmer

Mitchell, Emeline A.    housework

Mitchell, Henry B.    farmer

Millett, Lewis P.    farmer
    Mabel    (Wormwood)    housework

Martin, Olive J.    (Boston)
    Olive F.    housework
    Annie M.    housework
    Maud E.    housework
    *Florence M.    housework
    Cora B.    housework

McKinney, Wm A.    seaman
    Lillie B.    (Dobson)    housework

Mosher, Emery L.    farmer

Merrill, Sarah    (Bolster)    
    Sherman A.    farmer

Merrill, Susan E.    (Trafton)
    Nellie C.    mill operator
    Annie M. F.     mill operator
    Charles T.    farmer

Merrill, John I.    farmer
    *Eugene    farmer
    *Eva    student
    Asbury T.    farmer
    *Harold J.    farmer
    Elizabeth    (Stackpole)    housework
    Edger A.
    Alice J.

Mitchell, Frank G.    R R service
    Emma J.    (Stone)    housework
    Joseph B.    moulder
    May S.    pupil
    Carl F.    pupil

Morrill, G. O.    fruit merchant
    Angie P.    (Cunningham)    housework
    *Florence A.    housework
    *Medora E.    housework
    *Charles E.    mill operator

McKinney, George     fisherman
    Lydia A.    (Dobson)    housework
    Minnie A.


Nason, Isabelle    housework


Prescott, Ralph    farmer
    Winnie    (Wilder)    housework

Perkins, Clement S.    farmer
    Laura E.    (Hutchins)    housework
    *Cynthia    type setter
    Helen F.    student
    Irving C.    student

Perkins, Andrew    farmer
    *Frederic    carpenter
    Mary S.    teacher
    Marcia H.    (Young)    housework
    Marcia E.    housework

Pickens, Olive    housework

Pickens, Etta    housework

*Pickens, Jennie L.    mill work

Potter, John P.    farmer


Ridlon, Lewis    blacksmith
    Sophia    (Kelley)    housework
    Nora C.    housework
    Edwin W.    mill operator
    *Nellie S.    housework


Smart, Millissa    (Tarbox)
    Ivory S.    housework
    *Eva    housework
    *Benj. S.    capt. life saving station
    *Sadie    housework
    Dennett L.    laborer
    *Datie M.    housework

Stinson, William C.    carpenter

Seavey, Daniel S.    sea captain
    Celana A.    (Hutchins)    housework
    Edward D.    farmer

Smith, Ephraim    farmer
    Betsey J.    (Emmons)    housework
    Wallace E.    farmer

Smith, Wallace E.    farmer
    Sallie I.    (Hussey)    housework
    Edward E.    pupil
    Harold E.    pupil

Smith, Peter J.    farmer

Smith, Caroline    (Adams)    housework
    Almon H.    farmer

Smith, Almon H.    farmer
    Mary A.    (Williams)    housework
    Archie F.    laborer

Smith, William E.    lumberman & farmer
    Clara    (Kimball)    housework
    Leander    book keeper
    William A.    student
    Marcia B.    student
    Celia M.    pupil
    Gelia C.    pupil
    Helen D.

Smith, Orin M.    carpenter
    Carrie    (Dyer)    housework

Smith, Dora    student

Smith, William P.    mill operator
    Addie    (Towne)    housework
    Elmer    laborer
    Alice     housework

Sullivan, Harry S.    mason
    Maude L.    (Gray)    housework
    Grace E.    pupil
    William W.    pupil
    Wallace M.

Smith, Walter    farmer
    Martha J.    (Stone)
    *Ethel M.    housework
    Fannie M.    housework

Smith, John M.    farmer
    Alvira R.    (Hanson)    housework
    *Mary L.    housework
    *Grace A.    housework

Smith, Charles M.    farmer
    Addie M.    (Fletcher)    housework

Smith, Sarah    (Mitchell)    housework
    *Stephen M.    farmer
    Edwin L.    farmer

Smith, Edwin L.    farmer
    Georgia O.    (Clough)    housework
    Ernest C.    student
    Leroy C.    student
    Ralph L.    pupil
    Ruby M.    pupil

Seward, Charles W.    farmer
    Ellen E.    (Stone)    housework
    Mabel L.    housework
    Lucy E.    housework
    Amy G.    housework
    Hannah F.    housework
    Raymond W.
    Charles W.
    Elmer W.


Towne, Seth    R R service
    Adelaide H.    (Wormwood)    housework

Townsend, Nathaniel    mason
    Nancy A.    (Littlefield)    housework
    Lewis M.    express agent
    Mabel D.    teacher
    Daniel C.    express clerk

Tarbox, Lorenzo    retired
    Pheobe E.    (Mitchell)    housework
    George H.    teacher
    Lillian H.    housework
    Roscoe D.    student

Thompson, Joshua    motorman
    Minnie    (Deshon)    housework
    George W.


Walls, Gladys C.    housework

Walls, Douglass    pupil

Wildes, Gilbert     carpenter

Webster, Caroline M.    (Hilton)    
    *Helen G.    housework
    *Josephine    housework
    Annie B.    housework
    *J. Herman    plumber

Woods, William H.    farmer
    Julia E.    (Cunningham)    housework
    *Charles H.    farmer
    *Delbert    clerk

Wells, W. George    sea captain
    Lydia J.    (Morrill)    housework

Washburn, Frank    teamster
    Susan A.    housework
    Willie    pupil

Wilson, Guy R.    pupil

Wilson, Charles H.    pupil

Wood, Jennie F.    pupil

Walker, Minnie    (Deshon)    
    Fred M.    teamster
    Earnest    teamster

Welch, William H.    farmer
    Addie M.    (Batchelder)    housework
    Arthur B.    mill operator
    Florence E.    mill operator
    Ray E.    farmer
    Ruth L.    pupil
    Irving     pupil

Wormwood, George     farmer
    Mary     (Benson)    housework
    Frank    teamster
    Mabel    housework
    Harriet    housework
    John    teamster

Wildes, Albert L.    farmer
    Fannie M.    (Smith)    housework
    Daisy A.

Wildes, O. W.    fisherman
    Vera L.    (Small)    housework
    Orrin W. Jr.
    John S.
    Mary A.    

Wildes, Erastus    H.    retired
    Nancy L.    housework
    Edward G.    mason & carpenter
    Orrin W.    fisherman
    Clarence J.    gardener
    Mary H.    (Chase)    housework