1904 Census for Kennebunkport
Saco, West Kennebunk, Biddeford RFD #2 & Kennebunk Post Offices

Please be sure and check the other post offices in this town:

Kennebunkport, Kennebunkport Post Office

Kennebunkport, Biddeford Post Office

Kennebunkport, Biddeford & Miscellaneous Post Offices

Kennebunkport, Cape Porpoise Post Office

Kennebunkport, RFD 1 Post Office

Kennebunkport, Non-Residents Page

Addresses of non-residents are listed in the back so I have created a separate page for them. If you see an asterisk in front of a name, that person is no longer a resident and you may look for them on the non-resident page. Questions or concerns? Contact the web owner.


The following small post offices are represented on this page:

 Saco Post Office

West Kennebunk Post Office

Biddeford RFD #2 Post Office

Kennebunk Post Offices

Saco Post Office


Boudoin, Edgar A.    moulder
    Julia A.    (Smith)    housework
    Annie M.    student
    Robert H.    student
    Jessie E.    pupil
    Charles H.    pupil
    Edgar A. Jr.    pupil
    Elizabeth K.

West Kennebunk Post Office


Downing, Samuel    farmer
    Catharine    (Dawson)    housework
    Rhoda M.    pupil
    Samuel O.    pupil

Downing, Mary A.    (Pike)    housework
    Samuel    farmer
    *Eliza E.    housework
    *Mary A.    housework
    Israel H.    teacher

Biddeford R. F. D. 2 Post Office


Dow, Orlando    postmaster
    Florence B.     housework
    Sadie    (Emmons)    housework

Davis, Edgar F.    carpenter
    Florence    (Dow)    housework


Emmons, Abbie G.     (Crediford)

Emmons, Hazel S.    pupil

Emmons, Washington    farmer
    Fostina    (Walton)    housework
    John W.     student
    Leroy L.    student
    Thelma    pupil
    Francis M.    pupil

Emmons, Cynthia     (Fisher)    
    Edwin S.    fisherman
    Norris R.    fisherman
    Martha A.    housework
    Ivory    hotel business
    Frederic    farmer

Emmons, Phoebe W.    (Emmons)
    *Gowen    stone cutter
    Charles O.    farmer & cutter
    Crosby W.    farmer
    Sarah    housework
    *Calvin B.    carpenter
    *Horatio    farmer
    Orlando    R R service
    *Fannie    housework


Harvey, James G.    mason
    Rosa E.    (Benson)    housework

Harvey, Leo M.    pupil


Jeffery, Albert    livery business
    Jennie    (Pratt)    housework

Jellison, Ellis S.    nurseryman & farmer
    Emma L.    (Chase)    housework
    *Minnie E.    housework
    Frank E.    pupil


Perkins, Newton I.    farmer
    Lizzie A.    (Staples)    housework
    Lorena M.    student

Perkins, Cynthia E.    housework

Perkins, Hattie N.    housework

Perkins, Emma M.    housework

Perkins, James T.    farmer
    Annie F.    (Van Tasser)    housework
    Eugene T.    farmer

Perkins,Eugene T.    farmer
    C Maud    (Hutchins)    housework
    Beatrice L.    pupil
    Everett S.


Sullivan, Sarah    (Gray)    housework


Wormwood, Melvin F.    farmer
    *Frank L.    mill operator
    Fred E.    fireman
    *Bertha L.    housework
    Jennie L.    (Steavens)    housework
    *George W.    moulder
    *Hattie E.    housework
    *Grace L.     housework

Wildes, Albion P.    farmer
    Hannah    (Stone)    housework
    *Marcia    housework
    Roscoe S.    farmer

Kennebunk Post Office


Abbott, Jane    (Goodwin)    housework


Boston, Charles    ship carpenter
    Carrie    (Griffen)    housework
    Edward    student
    Lesley    student

Boston, Ralph    mill operator
    Ethel    (Day)    housework

Boston, Orin    R R service
    Olive    (Stearns)    housework
    *Floyd C.    mill operator
    Ralph O.    mill operator
    Gail V.    pupil

Boston, Cyrus    ship carpenter

Boston, John G.    carpenter
    S. V.    (Johnson)    housework


Currier, Joseph N.    sawyer
    Asenath M.    (Goodwin)    housework
    Fred L.    mill operator

Currier, Fred L.    mill operator
    Alice     (Ross)    housework
    Nettie B.    pupil
    Marion L.

Cougill, Isaac    farmer
    Martha    (Hurst)    housework
    Thomas    mill operator
    Hannah    straw weaver
    James    teamster

Clough, Lydia A.    (Billings)    
    Harvey N.    R R service
    Carrie J.    housework

Clough, Harvey N.    R R service
    Mary E.    (Bell)    housework
    Chester L.    pupil


Finlay, Charles    gardener
    Ida    (Ferries)    housework

Furbish, Timothy L.    farmer
    Franklin    farmer

Furbish, Franklin    farmer
    Annie M.    (Hoyt)    housework
    Sarah M.    
    Esther E.


Goodwin, Charles H.    machinist
    Lillian M.    housework
    Nettie C.    (Bowden)    housework


Hutchinson, Charles M.    farmer
    Olevia    (White)    housework
    Georgianna    pupil
    Carolina    pupil


Kimball, Olive E.    (Cleaves)    housework
    Mary E.    twine inspector
    Susie A.    housework

Knight, Joseph H.    shoe operator
    Mary A.    (Garland)    housework
    *Eugene F.    R R service
    *Lottie E.    housework
    *Ira F.    R R service
    Henry H.    R R service
    J. Archie B.    R R service
    Edith L.    housework


McLauglin, Charles    teamster
    Henrietta    (McLaughlin)


Nason, Emily    farmer


Pierce, Franklin    farmer
    Nettie    (Walker)    housework
    Ethel F.    student
    Della M.    pupil
    Carl     pupil


Roberts, George A.    carpenter
    Emily R.    (Clark)    housework
    Ethel M.    shoe operator
    Elmer M.    clerk
    Cora B.    shoe operator


Walker, Charles H.    lumberman
    Caroline A.    (Ross)    housework








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