1904 Census for Kennebunkport
Biddeford and Biddeford RFD 1 Post Offices

Please be sure and check the other post offices in this town:

Kennebunkport, Kennebunkport Post Office

Kennebunkport, Biddeford Post Office

Kennebunkport, Biddeford RFD 1 Post Office

Kennebunkport, Cape Porpoise Post Office

Kennebunkport, RFD 1 Post Office

Kennebunkport, Non-Residents Page

Non-residents are listed in the back so I have created a separate page for them. If you see an asterisk in front of a name, that person is no longer a resident and you may look for them on the non-resident page. Questions or concerns? Contact the web owner.

There are two post offices represented on this page.  Please be sure and check out both of them.

Biddeford Post Office

Biddeford RFD 1 Post Office


Biddeford Post Office

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Boston, Elizabeth S.    (Witham)   
    *George F.    librarian
    Alice A.    housework
    *Mary S.    housework
    *Willesley A.    machinist


Chappell, Willis W.    painter
    Alice A.        (Boston)    housework
    Ruby E.    pupil
    Carl E.    pupil
    Frances E.    pupil
    Rena B.    pupil
    Irman M.     pupil
    Maurice W.
    Homer J.


Durrill, Abbie C.    (Kimball)
    Fannie M.    teacher
    Fred    farmer
    L. Alice    teacher


Eastman, Alice A.    (Boston)    
    Ethel A.    student


Gendron, James    retired
    Susan    (Zoatofoot)    housework
    *Charles    carpenter
    *Alex    carpenter
    *Fred    mill operator
    Mitchell    machinist
    *Celia    housework
    *Celena    housework
    *Della    housework
    Mary    pupil


Huff, John Q    farmer
    *Alice I.    housework

Huff, Olive P.    housework


Kingsbury, Rufus    farmer
    Susan    (Bowdoin)    housework
    Martin H.    iron moulder

Kingsbury, Martin H.    iron moulder
    Lottie    (Wormwood)    housework
    Rufus C.

Kimball, Augustin    farmer

Kimball, Edward    pupil


Proctor, Israel    farmer
    Susan    (Davis)    housework
    Emily J.    housework

Proctor, Hattie B.    (McKeen)
    Fred A.    telegrapher
    Linda E.    cloth operator

Prescott, Mary    (Miller)
    *James    mill operator
    Lizzie    housework
    *William    moulder
    Ralph    farmer
    George     farmer
    Mary A.    housework

Pollitt, Austin L.    pupil


Rowe, Lillian E.    (Searls)    housework
    Elizabeth E.    pupil


Spofford, Emily J.    (Proctor)
    Forrest G.    farmer

Spofford, Forest G.    farmer
    Bessie L.    (Hill)    housework
    Clifton P.    pupil
    Ruth E.    pupil


Biddeford RFD #1

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Allen, William H.    mill operator
    Mabel     (Wakefield)    housework
    Lida B.    pupil


Burnham, Mary D.    (Dennett)    
    *Jennie A.    housework
    *Mae E.    housework
    *Alfred E.    engineer
    *Herbert A.    mill operator

Boston, Charles W.    farmer
    *Mabel    housework
    *Vera    housework
    *Clara    housework
    *Lillian    housework
    *Peter    laborer
    *Elsie    pupil


Cleaves, Irving    farmer
    Abbie    (Gould)    housework

Cleaves, Abbie    (Gould)    housework
    *Wilbur    clerk

Curtis, Jacob M.    farmer

Curtis, Rachel W.    housework

Curtis, Caroline    (Irving)    
    *Sarah    housework

Coughlin, Richard    farmer

Cook, Ansil P.    farmer
    Clara E.    (Eastman)    housework


Day, Albert H.    stone cutter
    Eldora L.    (Smith)    housework

Day, John F.    farmer
    Arvilla    (Smith)    housework
    Leona M.    student
    Ethel G.    student
    Ivma G.    pupil

Dearborn, George G.    farmer
    Olive E.    (Mason)    housework

Davis, Edward E.    farmer

Downs, Frank    retired
    Lizzie    housework
    Ralph G.    R R service

Downs, Ralph G.    R R service
    Carrie E.    (Ford)    housework


Eaton, Edward    farmer
    Eliza J.    (Patterson)    housework

Eaton, Elizabeth A.    (Libby)    housework
    Ann M.    housework
    Edward    farmer
    Henry R.    farmer
    May E.    housework

Emmons, Edward    farmer
    Hattie    (Smith)    housework


Goodwin, Benjamin F.    farmer
    Alice J.    (Harding)    housework
    Owen A.    pupil

Gervais, Frank    farmer
    Delia    (Deprey)    housework
    Clara    pupil
    William    pupil

Gilpatric, Robt S.    farmer & lumberman
    Susie C.    (McIntire)    housework

Greene, Charles D.    farmer
    Alice    housework

Greene, Benjamin F.    farmer
    Clara     (Greene)    housework
    Charles D.    farmer
    Frank W.    farmer
    Sadie    housework

Greene, Jason    farmer

Greene, Jacob S.    farmer
    Mary J.    (Dearborn)    housework
    *Arthur    farmer
    *Nancy O.    housework
    *Charles F.    farmer
    Henry W.    farmer & painter

Geering, Frank    fireman
    Mildie    (Dupres)    housework
    *Emma    housework
    Georginia    housework
    Willie    pupil


Ham, Prudilla S.    (Grant)    housework
    *Martha J.    housework

Ham, Mabel    (McIntire)    
    Harold J.    student
    Grace L.    pupil

Hutchins, Caroline N.    (Tarbox)    
    William H.    florist

Hutchins, William H.    florist
    Octavia F.    (Boston)    housework
    Pearl O.    teacher
    *Annie B.    housework
    *Grace L.    housework
    Wilda M.    student

Harper, John    farmer
    Mary Z.    (Shakley)    housework
    Morrill    pupil
    Zilpha    pupil
    Richard    pupil
    Ziliah M.

Harper, M. Joseph    blacksmith
    Abbie H.    (Deering)    housework
    John    farmer
    *Isaac    farmer

Huff, Elmaria    housework

Hooper, Charles E.    stone cutter
    Etta    (Staples)    housework
    Olivia F.    pupil


Irving, Caroline    (Bailey)    
    Frank M.    livery business

Irving, Frank M.    livery business
    Saddie L.    (Smith)    housework
    F Raymond    pupil
    Curtis S.    pupil
    Marguerite D.    pupil
    Gertrude L.    pupil


Kimball, Lorenzo T.    farmer
    Mary F.    (Hill)    housework
    Frank    farmer

Kimball, Frank    farmer
    Olive M.    (Lunt)    housework


Lunt, John W.    farmer
    Lydia    (Wakefield)    housework
    *Bertha    housework
    *John B.    lumberman
    Olive    housework

Lord, Thomas    farmer
    Della    (Davis)    housework

Lawlor, James J.    R R service
    Lizzie A.    (Downs)    housework
    J. Frank    pupil


McIntire, Daniel    farmer
    Susie C.    housework
    *Hugh M.    mail carrier
    Mabel M.    housework
    *Jennie O.    housework
    Harry R.    musician
    *Marcia C.    housework

Murphy, Alfred A.    farmer
    Florence E.    (Smith)    housework


Nason, William H.    jeweler

Nutter, Charles F.    farmer
    Judith M.    (Thompson)    housework
    William I.    farmer
    S. Leroy    pupil


Patterson, Mark    farmer
    Ann M.    (Noble)    housework
    *Jessie S.    housework
    *John L.    stone cutter
    *Fannie E.    housework
    *Florence G.    dress maker

Perkins, George A.    farmer
    Carrie L.    (Gilkey)    housework
    Irene A.    pupil
    Leroy L.    

Perkins, Thomas    farmer

Pillsbury, Charles    farmer
    Lucy    (Stanley)    housework
    Leon W.    pupil
    George W.    pupil


Ricker, James    farmer
    Lucy J.    (Hatch)    housework
    Ernest    farmer

Ricker, Ernest    farmer
    Sallie    (Fall)    housework

Ross, Ivory S.    boss in stone quarry
    Florence W.    (Benson)    housework
    R Lawrence    pupil
    Norman E.    pupil

Ross, George W.    granite contractor
    *George W.    teamster
    *Annie    housework
    Ivory S.    boss in stone quarry
    *Emma    housework
    Alice     housework
    Caroline M.    (Hilton)    housework
    Angelyn L.    student
    Roy V.    engineer
    Carl S.    pupil


Smith, Gardner M.    farmer
    Kate    (Lord)    housework

Smith, Mora

Staples, Hortense L.    housework

Stetson, Seth W.    farmer
    Marilla    (Russell)    housework
    Warren H.    pupil
    Gladys    pupil

Smith, James W.    farmer
    Nancy D.    (Taylor)    housework
    Florence E.    housework

Smith, George    farmer
    George H.    farmer
    Hattie     housework

Smith, Nahum    farmer
    Lavina    (Libby)    housework

Smith, James B.    farmer
    Mary E.    (Buker)    housework
    Charles W.    stone cutter
    *Annie G.    housework
    James F.    stone cutter
    Lizzietta    housework
    Israel P.    R R service
    *John B.    teamster
    *Sarah    housework
    *George L.    carpenter
    *Katie L.    housework

Smith, Charles W.    stone cutter
    Augusta M.    (Walker)    housework
    George W.    R R service
    Charles    pupil
    Flora G.    pupil
    Leslie    pupil


Tarbox, Chase    retired

Tarbox, Ethar S.    farmer

Tarbox, Paulina    housework

Thompson, Lucy    housework

Thompson, William J.    farmer
    Hannah A.    (Thompson)    housework
    Judith M.    housework

Trafton, George C.    machinist
    Clara A.    (Smith)    housework
    *Minnie F.    housework
    *Elizabeth    housework

Taylor, Caroline    (Dennett)    housework
    *Charles E.     hotel proprietor
    Nancy D.    housework

Taylor, J. H.     farmer
    Amanda    (Storer)    housework
    *Jane S.    housework
    Wilber H.    farmer
    *Adelbert S.    farmer
    *Eugene B.    dentist

Taylor, Wilbur    farmer
    Annie L.    (Davis)    housework
    Arthur R.    pupil
    Lawrence B.
    Mildred A.    
    Raymond I.

Tourville, Joseph    farmer

Thompson, Owen    farmer
    *Daniel R.    teamster
    Elmer    farmer
    *Mary A.    housework
    Alice B.    housework

Thompson, Emerson G.    farmer
    Mary E.    (Emmons)    housework
    *Susie E.    housework

Thompson, Louise    housework

Thompson, Malinda    housework

Thompson, Gilbert    farmer


Walker, William    farmer
    *Addie    housework
    *Leonard    millman
    *Jesse    baker
    *Alice    teacher
    Frank    farmer
    Ralph    farmer

Walker, Frank    farmer
    Susan    (Hill)    housework
    Earl    pupil
    Reed    pupil

Waterhouse, James    farmer
    Forest    farmer
    Etta    housework

Waterhouse, Orrin A.    farmer
    Louisa B.    (Tarbox)    housework
    Dorothy L.     housework

Whitten, Edwin H.    painter
    Annie A. Mosher    housework
    Perley E.    pupil
    Harry D.    pupil
    Harley C.    pupil
    Bernice O.    pupil
    Ruby A.    


Young, Alice J.    (Harding)    
    *Harold E.    clergy
    Gertrude A.    teacher
    Edith L.    student





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