1905 Census for North Berwick
North Berwick Post Office

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My thanks to Vivian Hale for sending this information to post.

Special note: The following is categorized by the initial letter of the surname, but will not be alphabetized within the category. In other words, all the T surnames will be together, but Tucker may be before Taylor so please scan the whole group or use the search function in your browser.

Please note that this Town Census was divided into separate post offices. Please be sure and check each page. The other thing that is different in this book is the addresses of non-residents are listed in the back so I have created a separate page for them. If you see an asterisk in front of a name, that person is no longer a resident and you may look for them on the non-resident page. Questions or concerns? Contact the web owner.

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the North Berwick Town Register, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell. 


Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated on the Non Residents Page.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

The names are not necessarily alphabetical within letter groups.

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Allen, Andrew J 2nd    R R service   
    Ella M    (Wentworth)  housework
    Ernest W     mill operator

Allen, Charles H    mill operator

Annis, Chester L    mill operator
    Hattie A    (Wells)    housework

Austin, James A    mill overseer
    Josephine G    (Hobbs)    housework
    *Gertrude M    housework
    Grace E    housework
    Frank A    draftsman

Austin, Frank A    draftsman
    Gertrude M    (Littlefield)    housework
    J Hobbs

Allen, Fremont    insurance agent
    Mary L    (Baston)    housework

Allen, Andrew J    blacksmith
    Martha A    (Bedell)    housework
    Fremont    insurance agent
    *Fred E    R R service
    *W Lincoln    R R service
    Arthur A    music teacher

Austin, David S    insurance broker
    James A    mill overseer
    *Miranda S    housework
    William H    ice business
    *Nathaniel S    cashier and book keeper
    Susan E    housework

Adams, Anna E    (Abbott)    mill operator

Adams, Nellie S    mill operator

Allen, Leonard C    R R service
    Olive M    (Hanson)    housework
    Lueville E    pupil
    Lura J    pupil
    Leroy H   

Allen, Lucy J    housework

Allen, Betsy    (---)    housework

Allen, Edgar A    teamster
    Katie T    (Griffin)    housework
    Bertha O    pupil
    Maude E    pupil
    Roland H    pupil
    Hazel M    pupil

Arbing, William    farmer
    Dorcas E    (Pickett)
    Ruby I    student

Allen, Anna M    (---)    housework
    Hattie    housework
    John     R R service
    Flora     housework
    Fred B    teamster

Allen, Merle E    mill work

Allen, Fred B    teamster
    Harriet M    (Staples)    housework
    Marjory H

Allen, Andrew J 3rd    R R service
    Virginia A    (Eaton)    housework


Bragdon, George A    contractor
    Julia A    (Bennett)    housework
    Nellie B    housework
    Gertrude G    housework
    Charles S    contractor
    Etta M    waitress
    Mabel C    student

Bedell, Harry C    fireman
    Gertrude G    (Bragdon)    housework
    Grace E    pupil

Boston, George P    farmer
    Elizabeth    (Sherburne)    housework
    Louie M    teacher
    *Eva W    housework

Boston, Roy J    teamster
    Annie B    (Littlefield)    housework

Boston, Irving L    mill work

Boston, Mary    (Tobey)    housework

Boston, Lizzie    housework

Butland, Harry    R R service
    Hattie    (Nason)    housework
    Helen    pupil
    Wilbur    pupil
    Leona    pupil

Buffum, Frank E    salesman
    Addie E    (Churchill)    housework
    Ernest W    pupil
    Grace E    pupil
    Marion E    pupil

Butland, Helen M    pupil

Bedell, Lavina    (Johnson)    housework
    Sylvia A    housework
    *Alice G    mill operator

Butland, Fred    mill operator
    Minnie    (Lash)    housework

Buffum, Samuel        mill operator
    Elmyra B    (Brown)    housework
    Edith L    art teacher
    Christine    teacher

Brown, Lendall H    physician
    Ethel    (Boyington)    housework
    Catherine B
    Edwin B

Burnham, Fred A    mill operator
    Eva M    (Boyd)    housework

Beede, Abbie S    housework

Blaisdell, Augustin L    (Perry)
    Estes L    student
    Warren P    pupil
    Walter D    pupil

Baston, Charles L    clerk
    Alice G    (Clark)    housework

Bracy, Ernest L    shipping clerk
    Bernice E    (Johnson)    housework

Bedell, William H    tinsmith
    Amanda J    (Eaton)    housework
    C Alberta     housework
    Fred E    baggage master
    *William E    conductor
    Harry C    fireman

Bonser, Lizzie A    housework

Braddish, Mark E    mill operator
    Mary E    (Welch)    housework
    Eddie C    pupil
    Chester     pupil
    Mark E Jr

Brown, Roland T    lumber sawyer
    Mildred V    (Johnson)    housework

Bedell, Fred E    baggage master
    Orrie E    (Chase)    housework
    Hazel E    pupil
    Nelda C

Boyle, David W    mill overseer
    Susan J    (Weymouth)    housework
    Arthur W    merchant
    Charles M    merchant
    David W, Jr     clerk

Boyle, Charles M    merchant
    Evelyn    (Davis)    housework

Brackett, Arthur A    mill operator
    Alice L    (Littlefield)    housework

Berry, Charles N    mill operator
    Eloise    (Lockhart)    housework

Baker, Elfred E    painter and paper hanger
    Mabel R    (Trask)    housework
    Gladys B
    Rowina M

Baker, Magor H    painter
    Eva M    (Varney)    housework
    Carlyle B    pupil
    George E

Butler, Woodbury H    watchman
    Sarah A    (Baker)    housework
    Haven B    pupil

Baston, William B    salesman
    Myra E    (Norton)    housework
    *W Burton    marble cutter
    Charles L    clerk

Brackett, Charles L    mill operator
    Mary A    (Roberts)    housework
    Fannie E    housework
    Fred H    mill operator
    Arthur A    mill operator
    Leslie L    mill operator

Brackett, Fred H    mill operator
    Lillian G    (Moulton)    housework

Bennett, Annie    (Hilton)    housework
    Susie F    housework
    Stephen M    teamster

Sidney B    R R service    (anyone know the last name? please email me)
    Goldie C    housework

Barbour, Edward F    mill operator
    Nancy V    (Wentworth)    housework
    Homer B    pupil
    Vena M    pupil
    Velmar M    pupil
    Lillian A    pupil
    Belle W    pupil

Boston, Mary J    (Quimby)    housework
    *Lowell J    policeman
    *Elsie J    housework
    *Josephine L    housework
    Fred B    machinist
    John G    fireman
    Helena A    housework

Bradbury, Lizzie    (Pennell)    housework

Bragdon, Nellie     housework

Brown, Annette J    housework

Brown, Edwin L    mill operator

Bayless, Mary E    (Earl)    housework
    Cora B    housework
    *Raymond G    laborer

Boston, Albert W     teacher


Chadbourne, Ann E    (Berry)    housework
    *John H    postman
    Eugene B    mill operator
    *Fannie J    housework
    Florence A    shoe operator
    *Charles W    farmer
    Arthur S    mill operator
    Paul A    mill operator

Clark, Hattie     (Day)    housework
    Geneva M    pupil
    Grace L    pupil
    Anna    pupil

Clark, Fred F    conductor
    Mattie E    (Elwell)    housework
    Lena O    student
    Forrest F    student

Clark, Eli    retired blacksmith
    Olive A    (Chadbourne)    housework
    Clara A    housework
    *Myra J    housework
    Fred F    conductor

Chadbourne, John E    watchman
    Mary E    (Allen)    housework
    Everett A    mill operator
    Roland L    mill operator
    Sadie F    mill operator
    Lalia M    pupil
    Dora M    pupil
    Alden S    pupil

Cole, Julian S    mill operator
    Maude E    (Bennett)    housework
    Gladys M
    Herbert J

Cushing, Samuel E    mill operator
    Annie C    (Adams)    housework

Cole, Stephen H    teamster
    Julia A    (Allen)    housework
    Lizzie A    housework
    *Annie L    housework
    Calvin C    barber
    Julian S    mill operator
    *Perlie K    carpenter
    Roy C    mill operator
    Frank E    mill operator

Comier, Grace E    (Austin)    housework
    Beatrice G    pupil
    Amy L

Colby, Clara A    (Johnson)    housework
    Eva M    housework
    C Belle    housework

Cox, Dell W    mill operator
    Cora B    (Bayless)    housework

Chadbourne, Everett A    mill operator
    Myra J    (Joy)    housework

Chase, Sarah M    (Reed)    housework
    Hervey D    R R service

Chase, Hervey D    R R service
    Florence    (Coffey)    housework

Coombs, Berton E    express messenger
    Susie N    (Hisler)    housework

Carter, Earle A    R R service
    Mabel D    (Allen)    housework
    Vinnie M
    Doris L

Cook, John H    telegrapher
    Maggie M    (Green)    housework
    Alice M

Cole, Roy    mill operator
    Blanche    (Gray)    housework

Colby, Richard N    mill operator

Colby, Abbie F    mill operator

Cheein, James    farmer
    Lizzie E    (Andros)    housework
    William A    R R service
    Fred C    R R service
    Sadie M    student
    Mary J    pupil
    James    pupil
    John H

Coolidge, Mary E    (Taylor)    housework

Chadbourne, Eugene B    mill overseer
    Blanche M    (Johnson)    housework
    Perley W    pupil
    Charles R    pupil
    Susan E

Clark, Elmer E    farmer
    Nellie     (Spear)    housework
    Austin E    farmer

Carter, Carroll C    clerk
    Mabel M    (Johnson)    housework

Constine, Alfred     mill operator
    Marcia M    (Bell)    housework
    Mary A    student
    Annie M    pupil
    Gertrude    pupil
    Frank A    pupil
    Edmund L    pupil
    Andrew H


Davis, Charles W    R R service
    Mary C    (Hartford)    housework
    Fred W    millman
    Elroy W    student

Davis, Mary E    (Goodwin)    housework

Day, Florence E    pupil

Day, Floyd B    pupil

Drake, Samuel O    merchant
    Susan M    (Small)    housework
    Brainerd S    merchant

Day, Flora A    (Allen)    housework
    Lewis H     laborer
    Minola B    pupil
    Mildred M    pupil

Durgin, Charles    laborer

Drew, George K    farmer
    Hannah A    (Cole)    housework
    Winbern C    mill operator

Dutch, Winbern C    mill operator
    Abbie E    (Renshaw)

Dyer, William S    station agent
    Abbie F    (Furbush)    housework
    *Frank S    leverman
    *Harris N    R R service
    Ralph P    pupil
    Madeline E


Earle, Andrew G    blacksmith
    Nellie F    (Shaw)    housework
    Willis E    carpenter
    Flora I    housework
    Alice L    mill operator

Emery, William     paper hanger
    Avaline W    (Boston)    housework

Estes, Fred A    mill overseer
    Anna N    (Perkins)    housework
    George F    mill operator
    *Carrie M    book keeper

Estes, Lindey    mill operator
    Claria A    (Gerry)    housework

Estes, Elmer J    mill overseer
    Margaret M    (Clegg)   

Estes, Harry G    mill operator

Eaton, Albert J    station agent
    Jennie J    (McCrallis)    housework
    Gordon F

Erickson, Edward    mill operator
    Emma M    (Gilbertson)    housework
    Maud J    teacher
    Eva G    teacher


Fall, Howard S    farmer
    Abbie S    (Dorr)    housework
    *Arthur A    contractor
    *Callanam L    housework
    *Howard M    engineer
    Gilman P    clerk
    *Ralph C W     teamster
    *George S    clerk

Furlong, William H    printer
    Winnie H    (Hubbard)    housework

Fall, Elmer    engineer
    Nellie    (Marston)    housework


Grant, Charles H    mill operator
    Sarah M    (Lincoln)    housework
    Agnes W    pupil

Greenleaf, Jennie    (Littlefield)    housework

Greenleaf, Mary E    teacher

Gould, Theodore    cashier

Grant, Edwin H    R R service
    Josie E    (Dorrell)    housework
    J Melvin    pupil

Goodwin, Abbie M    (Gowen)    housework
    *Lyndon R    merchant
    Ernest J M    mill operator

Goodall, Fred     farm work

Goodwin, Charles F    superintendent of water works
    Clara A    (Clark)    housework
    Alice C    housework
    Anna S    student
    Edith O    student
    Samuel E    pupil

Goodwin, Samuel    retired farmer
    Sarah A    (Johnson)    housework
    Charles F    superintendent of water works
    *George A     lawyer

Goodwin, Daniel R    farmer
    Eliza I A    (Furbush)    housework
    Celia F    teacher
    Lelia M    housework
    Florence F    student
    J Gerrish    pupil
    James F    pupil
    Agnes A    pupil

Grant, John H    mill operator
    Daisy M Allen    housework

Goodwin, Charles W    confectioner
    Abbie D    (Abbott)    housework
    *Orville A    express agent

Getchell, Josephine    (Hussey)    housework

Getchell, Charles L    mill operator

Getchell, Albert F    carpenter
    Olive A    (Young)    housework
    *Alice B    housework

Green, Frank W    barber
    Mary S    (Hanson)    housework
    *Charles W    shoe operator
    *Daniel E    electrician
    *Woodbury C    mill operator
    *William F    mill operator
    *Alfred R    clerk
    *Maggie P    housework

Gray, Huldah A    (Hatch)    housework
    *Herbert G    hostler
    *Mary    housework
    *Charles    butcher
    Nellie    housework

Gerry, Frank L    carpenter
    Florence    housework
    Hattie J    (Walker)    housework

Gray, Arthur S    mill work
    Nellie M    (Staples)    housework
    Beulah O   

Gray, Rachel O    (Young)    housework
    Arthur S    mill work
    Mary L     housework

Goodwin, Clinton    carpenter
    Laura B    (Gerry)    housework
    Bertha A    pupil
    Lena M    pupil
    Doris M

Gray, William     machinist and carpenter
    Addie M    (Horn)    housework
    Emily M    pupil

Gould, Ellsworth    mill operator
    William J    mill operator
    George F    pupil
    Mary V    pupil
    May L    (Merrifield)    housework

Goodale, William    stone mason

Grant, Moses W    farmer
    Jane    (Weymouth)    housework
    Frank    mill operator

Grant, Frank    mill operator
    Altia    (Nason)    housework

Grover, Frank    R R service
    Edith I    (Roberts)    housework
    Harold S    pupil
    Myron R    pupil


Hayes, H Edwin    clerk
    Jennie B    (Staples)    housework
    Marion    pupil
    Malcolm S    pupil
    Effie    pupil
    John E
    Allen M

Hayes, Llewellyn H    mill operator
    L Etta    (Hill)    housework
    Willis L    pupil

Hayes, Charles F    mill operator
    Mae A    (Picott)    housework
    Grace L

Howard, Charles A    truckman
    Hattie A Allen    housework

Hall, John     farmer

Hooper, Oscar H    mill operator
    Grace A    (Goodwin)    housework

Hurd, Richard H    druggist
    Jeannette E    (Hamilton)    housework
    Virginia H
    Muriel M

Hamilton, Jessie    housework

Hall, Frank H    farmer work
    Orie L    (Estes)    housework
    Charles S

Hussey, Julian L    farmer
    Nellie M    (Meserve)    housework

Hilton, Frank H    hostler
    Susie F    (Bennett)    housework
    Earl O    pupil

Heart, Norman W    filer
    Lucy A    (Flagg)    housework
    *Nellie R    housework

Hill, Susan F    housework

Hatch, Theon    mill operator
    Annie E    (Wentworth)    housework
    Mildred A   

Hilton, Harry P    lumber merchant
    Martha E    (Winn)    housework

Hussey, James A    clothier
    Cora M    (Billings)    housework
    Homer B    pupil

Horn, Hosea R    farmer
    Frances J    (Cole)    housework
    *Francena    housework
    Addie M    housework
    *Nellie S    housework

Hobbs, John E    manufacturing
    Elizabeth T    (Kittredge)    housework
    Elizabeth K    housework

Hurd, Daniel A    farmer
    Mary R    (Hill)    housework

Hobbs, Mary R    (Hill)    housework
    Margaret    housework

Horn, Louise J    (Snow)    housework

Hussey, Timothy     retired manufacturer
    Anna M    (McKeel)    housework
    *Arthur M    treasurer
    *William T    salesman
    Augustin J    manager plow company

Hussey, Augustin J    manager plow company
    Helen     (Mansfield)    housework
    Roland M    pupil
    Philip W    pupil
    Robert A    pupil

Hatch, Myria E    housework

Humphrey, John    blacksmith
    Hannah B    (Pickett)    housework
    Roy H    pupil

Hanson, Daniel    retired physician

Hubbard, Winnifred    (Furlong)    housework

Holden, Mary E    mill operator

Hall, Mary A    (Hunt)    housework
    John H    teamster

Harvey, John P J    R R service
    Flora M    (Sargent)    housework
    Alvin F
    Floyd H

Hayes, Chester A    farmer
    Ida F    (Milliken)    housework
    Chester A    student

Hayes, Eliza T    housework

Hatch, Elijah F    carpenter

Hammond, Oscar    R R service
    Fannie L    (Grover)    housework
    Louise G

Hobbs, Nathaniel    lawyer

Hilton, Minnie    mill operator


Johnson, Amos E    conductor
    Mary A    (Knox)    housework
    Edna M    housework

Johnson, William H    R R service
    Annie M    (Raymond)    housework
    Burt F    pupil
    Freeman J    pupil
    Gladys E

Johnson, James M    farmer
    Mary E    (Greenough)    housework

Johnson, Artemas B    mill operator

Johnson, Almon W    farmer

Johnson, Otis H    butcher
    Lydia M    (Morrill)    housework
    Wesley M    pupil
    Ralph H pupil

Joy, Oscar P    mill operator
    Edna A    (Widden)    housework
    Charles H    

Johnson, Rufus    farmer
    Adeline    (Junkins)    housework

Johnson, Mary O    (Cheney)    housework
    Justin W    pupil

Johnson, Frank O    livery business
    Mary C    (Hurd)    housework
    *Minnie J    housework
    *Gertrude J    housework
    Mildred V    housework

Johnson, Lydia A    (Abbott)    housework

Johnson, Edmond B    meat merchant
    Mary E    (Johnson)    housework
    *Addie M    housework
    Otis H    meat merchant
    Anna B    housework
    Harold E    student

Johnson, J Weymouth    farmer
    Ida M    (Davis)    housework
    Maude A    teacher
    Bernice E    housework
    Josephine W    student
    Sadie E    student
    Maynard E    student

Joynes, James H    stone mason
    Abbie E    housework


Kimball, Leslie J    milkman
    Mary R    (Getchell)    housework
    Helen K    pupil
    Albion G    pupil
    Dorothea r

Kenney, Albert W    R R service
    Ella L    (Chase)    housework
    Annie E    mill operator

Knight, Alvah    lumberman
    Abbie L    (Wormwood)    housework
    Clifford     R R service
    Grace A    housework
    Herman A    teamster
    Alice A    mill operator
    Ethel    pupil
    Ella L    pupil
    Herbert C    pupil
    Margaret I    pupil

Kelley, Charles W    mill operator
    Sarah A    (Tufts)    housework

Knight, Nathaniel C    blacksmith
    Addie M    (Deering)    housework
    *Ethel M    book keeper
    *Linwood N    clerk
    George A    student
    Agnes E    pupil
    Margaret A    pupil

Kezar, George    foundryman
    Ruth A    (Kennedy)    housework
    Frank T    pupil
    Charles E    pupil
    Mary A

Knight, Daniel    mill operator

Keays, Adelbert    mill operator

Keating, Edward A    tinsmith and plumber
    Sarah A    (Grover)    housework
    Edward A, Jr    mill operator
    Luie E S    mill operator
    Freeman I     student

Kimball, Jonathan    retired farmer
    Abbie    (Bennett)     housework
    Marshall E    mill operator
    *Mary E    housework
    Carrie B    housework
    Charles H    mill operator
    Willie H    mill operator
    Ida F    housework

Kendall, Warren E    sawyer
    Ada M    (Palmer)    housework
    Edna M    pupil
    Nellie B    pupil
    Bertha E    pupil
    Raymond A

Keays, Elizabeth A    (Lord)    housework
    *Frederick L    physician

Keating, Edward A, Jr    mill operator
    E Maude    (Cheney)    housework

Kimball, Charles H    mill operator
    Angie L    (Dixon)    housework
    Harvey W

Knight, Frank A    post master
    Clara I    (Johnson)    housework
    Bertha E    asst post master
    Frank F    R W M     service
    Grace A    book keeper
    N Hobbs    student
    Clara M    student

Kimball, Marshall E    mill foreman
    Annie M    (Buckland)    housework
    Elmer W    mill operator
    Arthur B    mill operator

Kennedy, Thomas    laborer
    Annie     (Kanney)    housework
    Herbert    towerman
    *Edward    R R service
    Ruth A    housework

Kennedy, Herbert     towerman
    Lizzie A P    (Treadwell)    housework
    Florence T    housework
    Phillip P    student
    T Francis    student
    Nason    pupil
    Ethel E    pupil
    Catherine R    pupil
    Carrie C    pupil


Littlefield, William H    retired
    Susan E    (Junkins)    housework
    *Minnie S    housework
    *Gertrude J     housework
    *Ella E    housework
    Ezra M    R R service

Littlefield, J Mack    stabelman
    Hattie M    (Hall)    housework
    Rodney M    pupil

Leavitt, Lebree A    blacksmith
    Flora I    (Earl)    housework
    Albert W
    Gladys A

Laughton, Daniel H    teamster
    Minnie E    (Welch)    housework

Littlefield, Janet    mill operator

Lincoln, Fred S    watchman
    Ida E    (Littlefield)    housework
    Sadie M    housework
    Elsie M    housework
    Catherine B    housework
    Harry E    mill operator
    M Janet    mill operator
    Rose W    pupil
    Eva B    pupil
    L Pearl    
    M Etta

Lord, George W    mill operator
    Lizzie A    (Cole)    housework

Littlehale, William T    mill foreman

Luscomb, George    mill operator

Lowe, Ethel    mill operator

Lowe, Lillian    mill operator

Littlefield, Eugene    teamster

Leary, Frank    pupil

Littlefield, Haven B    farmer
    Cora M    (Picketts)    housework
    Carrie B

Littlefield, James F    mill operator
    Jennie    (Pinkerton)    housework
    Cassie M    pupil
    Stella M    pupil

Littlefield, William B    mason
    Hattie    (Juckins)    housework
    *Grace    housework
    Ida    housework
    *William    mason
    Josie    pupil

Littlefield, George F    mill work
    Annie McLean    housework
    Gertrude M    housework
    Annie B    housework

Lithle, William E    physician
    C    (Bryant)    housework

Littlefield, Melvin    farmer
    Cora E    (Welch)    pupil
    Roy E    pupil
    Irving W

Linscott, John J    agent
    Mary F    (Sargent)    housework
    Cora E    pupil
    Leroy N    pupil
    Carl L    pupil
    George N
    Ralph H
    Flora L

Laughton, Edward M    mill operator
    Mary O    (Valcur)    housework

Lord, J E    mill operator
    Elizabeth    (Buffum)    housework

Lowe, John    flagman
    Martha E    (Dooral)    housework
    Emmaetta    housework
    Frank W    mill operator

Lowe, Frank W    mill operator
    Elsie M    (Lincoln)    housework

Leighton, Emma    housework


Mathews, Irving E    R R service
    Ida B    (Littlefield)    housework

Mansell, George H    farmer
    Margaret    (McClea)    housework
    *George O    shoe operator
    *Elmina E    shoe operator
    Betsy M    student
    Bertha L    pupil
    John H    pupil

Morrill, Josiah     R R service
    Lizzie M    (Hall)    housework

Milliken, Byron L    R R service
    Grace M    (Lowell)    housework
    Doris J

Meserve, Moses N    farmer
    Ruth E    (Sherburne)    housework

McElwaine, William L    mill operator
    May A    (Varney)    housework
    Helena V    pupil
    Rhona A

Muchmore, George W, Jr    mill operator
    Catherine B    (Lincoln)    housework
    Geneva L

Morrell, William E    mill operator
    Nellie M    (Hatch)    housework
    Beatrice E    pupil
    Rose I    pupil
    Nathan E    pupil
    Blanche E

McCrillis, Daniel S    R R service
    Sophronia F    (Cheney)    housework
    Homer F    student

Morrill, Susan     (Joy)    housework
    William A    farmer

McCorison, James O    physician
    Joanna    (Hall)    housework
    Annie E    housework
    Carl C    student
    S Belle    teacher and student
    John H    pupil
    James O, Jr    pupil

Meader, Valentine    painter
    Helena A    (Boston)
    Leonard O    student
    Wilfred J    pupil
    Myrtle M    pupil
    Carleton L    pupil
    Lola E    pupil
    Hazel E
    Vernon J

Meader, Joseph H    painter
    Mary W    (Webber)    housework
    Lydia M    housework
    Frank    farmer
    Valentine    painter

McCrellis, Haven A    R R service
    Ida G    housework
    Julia A    housework
    Frank H    R R service

Merrifield, Hosea    superintendent of schools
    Abbie M    (Hall)    housework
    Alice    music teacher

Merrifield, William H    engineer
    Mary A    (Mitchell)    housework
    *Mary S    housework
    Lizzie I    housework

Merrifield, Helen C    (Edwards)    housework
    Pauline E    pupil
    Grace A

Mansfield, George S    harness maker
    Angie E    (Bucknell)    housework
    *Charles L    merchant
    Helen M    housework
    *George H    telegrapher

Mowry, Walter S    sawyer
    Ellen A    (Staples)    housework
    Ernest W
    Nellie B


Norton, Lorace    teamster

Nelson, Carl    mill operator

Neal, John W    merchant
    Eva M    (Colby)    housework

Nutter, Sidney    mill operator
    Florence    (Littlefield)    housework
    Albert D

Neal, William F    boot and shoe business
    Carrie    (Snow)    housework
    Oliver M    farmer

Neal, Mary H    housework

Neal, Alfred R    farmer
    Sophia     (Stacy)    housework
    Fred    farmer

Neal, Frank E    farmer
    Annie    (Welch)    housework

Neal, Charles E    farmer
    Marilla    (Colburth)    housework
    Anna T    student
    Jenira    pupil
    Marion     pupil
    Mabel    pupil

Nelson, Charles    mill operator
    Annie    (Holmes)    housework
    Emma M    teacher
    Gertrude E    student
    Blanche T    student
    Fred L    student

Nutter, David     engineer
    Sidney L    mill operator
    Bertie L    housework
    Ella    (Hardy)    housework

Neal, George W    carpenter
    Hattie M    (Getchell)    housework
    Arthur F    student

Neal, William H    mill operator

Nash, Ella J    (Harris)    housework
    *Lena R    teacher
    *Margaret H    stenographer

Norton, Lauriston    mill operator

Neal, C Belle    (Norton)    teacher
    Clara B    pupil

Nowell, John H    teaming and farmer
    Hannah A    (Weymouth)    housework
    *G May    housework
    Charles A    assistant superintendent box mill

Nowell, Charles A    assistant superintendent box mill
    Mary    (Howe)    housework
    Charles A, Jr    
    Alice H

Nowell, Fannie E    (Brackett)    housework
    Hubert B    pupil
    John R    pupil

Neal, Charles E    farmer
    Marilla L    (Colreth)    housework
    Anna T    student
    Geneva    student
    Marion L    pupil
    Mabel W    pupil

Neal, Frank E    farmer
    Annie A    (Welch)    housework
    Roger U


O'Conner, Marguerite    pupil


Perkins, George W    paymaster
    Bertha W    (Whitten)    housework
    Arthur L    student

Perkins, C Alberta    (Bedell)    housework
    E Gladys    pupil
    Avis D    pupil
    Eula A    pupil
    Elmer F    pupil

Peakes, Fred W    clergy
    Ethel M    (Pratt)    housework
    Olive M

Picott, Frank S    wheelright
    Laura S    (Hatch)    housework
    Fred E    R R service
    Frank A    carriage painter
    Mae A    housework
    Carrie L    housework

Prince, Romey    clerk

Pierce, Sylvester    mill operator
    *Eva B    housework
    Hannah A    (Kimball)    housework

Perkins, Hosea A    mill operator
    Ethel M    (Hilton)    housework

Potter, Fred H    conductor
    Maud H    (Hussey)    housework
    Lona M    pupil
    Helen M    pupil

Potts, Harry H    shipping clerk
    Grace A    (Knight)    housework
    Leslie L    pupil

Perham, Eliza A    mill operator

Paine, Amos M    laborer
    *Hiram G    farmer
    *Mary A    housework

Page, Mary A    mill operator

Perkins, Lizzie I    (Merrifield)    shoe operator

Pickett, Charles G    superintendent of box factory
    Della H    (Doolittle)    housework
    C Edward    student
    Flora B    student

Parker, Benjamin A    store business
    Susan E    (Austin)    store business

Perkins, Alta L    housework

Perry, Clara A    (Gerry)    housework
    Clara G    housework
    Augustin L    housework


Quint, Robert C    flagman
    Mary E (Ricker)    housework


Randall, Ida    housework

Robinson, Cyrus P    mill work
    Fannie A    (Fritz)    housework

Russell, John B    merchant

Roberts, Frank A    hardware store
    Maria H    (Bonser)    housework

Roberts, Edgar O    pupil

Roberts, Marguerite J    pupil

Renshaw, William W    mill operator
    Estella H    (Woodbury)    housework

Reed, George H    shoe operator
    Hattie J    (Taylor)    housework
    Leonard A    mill operator
    *Hattie E    housework
    James E    pupil

Reed, Leonard A    mill operator
    Eva B    (Glidden)    housework
    Thomas A

Robinson, Sarah M    (Reed)    housework
    *Mary D    housework


Shackford, Stephen f    farmer
    Ada L    (Smith)    housework
    *Eugene B    teamster
    *Addie M    housework
    *Bertha G    housework
    *Harry L    lumberman
    *Frank O    painter
    *Walter R    laborer
    Myrtle E    pupil
    Ethel    pupil
    Nellie E    pupil
    Roland A
    Gladys E

Stone, Herbert F    fireman
    Bertha M    (Quimby)    housework
    George P     pupil

Stone, Mark E    engineer
    Annie H    (Gerry)    housework
    Lillian G    pupil
    Helen M    pupil
    Chase E

Sargent, James M    watchman
    Carrie A    (Kimball)    housework
    Flora M    housework

Sargent, Daniel S    fish dealer

Snow, Wilfred O    merchant
    Nellie    (Tibbetts)    housework
    Margie B    pupil
    Zueda M    pupil

Sweet, Charles F    painter
    Laura S    (Perkins)    housework
    Hinkley R    pupil
    Charles C
    Edward F

Sweet, Alfred G

Stromberg, Samuel    mill work
    Betty    (Holmes)    housework
    George F    student

Sherburne, Morrill N    farmer
    Olive H    (Hall)    housework
    *Hiram H    blacksmith
    *Ina C    housework
    Ruth E    housework
    *Lydia    housework
    Leslie M    farmer
    *Clyde E    housework
    Fred W    farmer
    Marie A    student

Smith, Albert S    farmer
    James A    farmer
    *Fannie M    housework
    Hattie    (Cottle)    housework
    Edith M

Smith, James    farmer
    May J    (Cottle)    housework

Smith, John L    clergy
    Lizzie C    (Goss)    housework
    George H    student

Stuart, Charles    R R service
    Amanda    (Littlefield)    housework

Snow, Frank O    pres savings bank

Snow, Horace V    laborer

Staples, Robert F    carpenter and painter
    Ella M    housework
    Samuel B    farmer
    Arthur    farmer
    Anna    housework
    Robert E    painter

Sole, Richard P    farmer

Sargent, Andrew J    blacksmith    farming implements and fertilizers
    Lizzie J    (Chamberlain)    housework
    Catherine E    housework

Spinney, E P    lawyer
    Grace B    (Burbank)     housework
    Dorothy B
    Leon L

Staples, Charles M    farmer
    Alice J    (Lawson)    housework
    Eva I     housework
    Harriet M    housework
    *Florence V    housework
    Henry A    farmer
    Sarah H    pupil
    Walter S    pupil
    Julia F    pupil
    George A     pupil
    Grace A

Sillon, Josie A    (Allen)    housework
    Clarence O    mill operator
    Iva M    mill operator
    Grace M    mill operator
    Marcia E    pupil

Snow, Elizabeth A    (Lord)    housework

*Snow, Fred A    clergy

Staples, John F    funeral director
    *Herbert F    engineer
    Jennie B    housework
    Nellie    housework

Staples, Mary F    boarding house mistress

Stewart, Elmer E    clerk
    Nellie B    (Roberts)    housework

Sanborn, Letha L    pupil

Scott, Lewis    mill operator

Snow, Edwin E    merchant
    Emmeretta    (Lowe)    housework
    Arthur E    pupil

Spiller, William B    blacksmith
    Alice M    (Bachelder)    housework
    Harold L    pupil
    Lillian A    pupil

Sherburne, Leslie M    farmer
    Ida M    (Meserve)    housework

Snow, Charles E    merchant
    Wilfred O    merchant
    Edward E    merchant

Stuart, Sylvia A    (Bedell)    housework
    *Jennie A    housework
    *Annie B    housework


Taylor, Clarissa L    (Perkins)    housework

Turner, Frank R    harness maker
    Mary E    (Pendexter)    housework
    *Sadie E    housework
    Claude H    mill work
    Cassie M    pupil
    Floyd C

Thompson, Frank P    iron moulder
    Emily A    (Joy)    housework

Tarbox, William    stableman

Thurston, William     clerk
    Annie B    (Welch)    housework
    Carrie B    pupil

Taylor, Hannah    (Plaisted)    housework
    Fred A    shoe operator
    William J    mill operator

Tobey, William R    farmer
    Lovina    (Wormwood)    housework

Temple, William    mill operator

Tarbox, Joseph P    hostler

Twombly, Joseph P    R R service
    Sadie N    (Carpenter)    dress maker

Taylor, James W    mill operator
    Maria H    (Welch)    housework
    *Maud G    housework
    Freeman W    farmer
    *Grace L
    Ellie M     pupil
    Alice M    pupil

Tupper, Frank B    hardware merchant
    Bernice    student
    Thomas B    pupil

Twombly, Shadrack    engineer
    Jennie A    (Austin)    housework
    Ralph W    pupil

Tobey, William B    superintendent of mill
    Julia M    (Whittier)    housework
    *Thaddeus B    engineer
    William H    surveyor
    Dororhy I    pupil

Tripp, May L    (Merrifield)    housework
    Ruth M    pupil

Trimble, Montague M    telegrapher
    Catherine E    (Sargent)    housework

Thompson, James R    mill operator
    Etta M    (Jones)    housework

Tufts, John    mill operator


Varney, Charles L    hotel livery business
    Mary G    (Gray)    housework

Varney, George W    barber
    Sarah I    (Scrutun)    housework
    Eva M    housework
    Wilbur W    mill operator

Vanderhoff, John L    mechanic
    Kate M    (Flanders)    housework

Varney, Isaac    lumberman
    Phebe E    (Buffum)    housework
    *Louise B    housework
    *Edward B    broker
    George H    lumberman


Welch, William E    R R service
    Gertrude L    (Harden)    housework
    Harry E    pupil
    Harland H    pupil
    Helen F    pupil

Welch, Wentworth    farmer
    Abbie J    (Allen)    housework
    Emma J    housework
    William E    R R service
    Annie M    housework

White, Albert T    engineer
    Ada    (Drown)    housework
    Ethel    pupil

Weymouth, Nicholas E    mill operator
    Lillian A    (Littlefield)    housework
    Ella M

Woodbury, Lydia A    (Abbott)    housework
    Estella H    housework

Willard, Winnie H    (Hubbard)    housework
    Walter H    student

Webber, J Wesley    boss carder
    Abbie E    (Weymouth)    housework
    Nellie E    teacher of art

Williams, Walter G    farmer
    Alice J    (Hamilton)    housework
    Harvey L

Woodsom, James L    retired
    Olive J    (Hall)    housework
    *George H    farmer

Wright, Josiah    plumber
    Sarah J    (Williams)    housework
    Laura L    student
    Harry W    student

Welch, Lizzie     (Wilkinson)    housework

Wilkinson, James S    retired
    *Francis B    R R service
    *Frederick H    photographer
    *Carrie E    housework

Weymouth, Hannah    (Thurrell)    housework
    Susan C    housework

Whittier, Frank P    sea captain
    Olive    (Tupper)    housework
    *Thomas T    civil engineer
    *William A    revenue cutter service

Wiggin, Norris L    mechanic
    Luetta L    (Welch)    housework
    Everett R    mill operator
    Norris L, Jr    pupil
    Lula M    pupil
    Chester J    pupil
    Mary E    pupil
    Bernard L

Willard, Walter    student

Whitehouse, Charles W    carpenter
    Lena P    (Murray)    housework
    Charles C

Wormwood, Fred    fireman
    Ida E    (Winn)    housework

Welch, Ida E    (Winn)    housework
    Arthur E    clerk
    Frank E    mill operator

Willey, Joseph A    laborer
    Lizzie H    (Green)    housework

Walker, Solomon A    truckman
    Statira S    (Norton)    housework
    *James B    stone cutter
    Nancy O    housework
    Hattie J    housework

Welch, Benjamin F    teamster
    Leonard    R R service
    Minnie    housework
    Daniel    mill work
    Ora    housework
    *Reginal    farmer
    Nancy O    (Walker)    housework
    Ernest A    teamster
    Irving H    mill work
    Lillian L    pupil
    Herbert     pupil

Willey, Phineas    mill operator
    Florence    (Gerry)    housework
    Eldred F
    John F

Willey, Hattie    (Walker)    housework
    Essie M    mill operator

Weymouth, Frank D    laborer
    Lizzie E    (Kidder)    housework
    Clarence K    pupil

Waltz, Ada    milliner

Waltz, Sadie    milliner

Weymouth, Mary H    (Eaton)    housework
    Nicolas E    mill operator    

Welch, Chadbourne    farmer

Welch, Lavina    (Johnson)    housework

Welch, Benjamin F    truckman

Welch, Flineous F    R R service
    Marcia E    (Goodall)    housework

Whiting, Sarah A    (Houston)    housework
    *Mary    housework






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