1905 Census for North Berwick
RFD #2 & RFD #3 Post Office

N. Berwick    Non-residents    RFD #1    RFD #2    All others

My thanks to Vivian Hale for sending this information to post.

Special note: The following is categorized by the initial letter of the surname, but will not be alphabetized within the category. In other words, all the T surnames will be together, but Tucker may be before Taylor so please scan the whole group or use the search function in your browser.

Please note that this Town Census was divided into separate post offices. Please be sure and check each page.  The other thing that is different in this book is the addresses of non-residents are listed in the back so I have created a separate page for them. If you see an asterisk in front of a name, that person is no longer a resident and you may look for them on the non-resident page. Questions or concerns? Contact the web owner. 

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the North Berwick Town Register, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell. 


Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated on the Non Residents Page.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

The names are not necessarily alphabetical within letter groups.

RFD #2:

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RFD #3:

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RFD #2


Austin, William H    ice dealer and merchant   
    David S, 2nd    clerk
    Laura A    (Morrill)    housework


Goodwin, Ruth F    housework

RFD #3


Allen, George W    farmer
    Almira     (Nutter)    housework
    Effie M    housework
    Almon G    pupil

Abbott, John E    butcher and farmer
    Mary L    (Gray)    housework
    Maurice E    pupil

Allen, Charles E    farmer
    Sadie H    (Hanscom)    housework
    Charles L    farmer
    Nettie B    housework

Abbott, Henry J    retired

Abbott, Sophia M    (Remick)    housework
    Nathaniel R    farmer
    *Sarah A    housework
    *William E    painter

Allen, C Leon    farmer
    Annie J    (Earle)    housework
    Lillian M
    Charles E


Bancroft, Harriet    (Bowker)    housework

Boyd, James    clergy
    *George W    laundry business
    *Emma    housework
    *Willie T    clergy
    Lydia A    (Hill)    housework

Brackett, David H    farmer
    Alice A    (Chase)    housework
    Alice O    housework
    *Orin J    fireman
    John D    farmer

Barber, Bradford H    pupil

Beeman, Edward P    fireman
    Eva A    (Getchell)    housework


Came, Olive    (Swasey)    housework

Chase, Charles W    farmer
    H Emma    (Abbott)    housework
    Edwin M    farm work
    Mildred A    student

Chase, Eliza A    housework


Dennett, William H    farmer

Dimock, Obed    farmer

Dimock, Rufus    farmer


Earle, Isaac    farmer
    Sarah J    (Horne)    housework
    *Hattie M    housework
    Annie J    housework

Estes, Albert J    farmer
    Sarah A    (Hall)    housework
    Frank A    farmer


Fernald, Edwin D    farmer
    Augusta P    (Roberts)    housework
    *Dora L    housework
    Belle A    housework
    Annie I    housework


Goldsmith, Wilbur    farmer

Grant, Frank W    farmer
    Mary B    (Grant)    housework
    Linnia M   

Guptill, Frank H    mill operator
    Elizabeth F    (Ephraim)    housework
    Edyth M    pupil

Getchell, Clarence E    engineer
    Edith A    (Foster)    housework
    *Martha E    housework
    Eva A    housework
    Hazel B    pupil
    Levena B    pupil
    Ruth M

Goodwin, David E    farmer
    Lilla M    (Whitehouse)    housework
    Carl E    pupil
    Viola U M    pupil
    Harry E    pupil

Hayes, Leon    L    carpenter
    Alice O    (Brackett)    housework
    Marjorie B   
    Mariam E

Goodrich, Samuel E    farmer

Goodrich, J Frank    farmer

Goodrich, Annie E    student

Grant, Elmer E    farmer
    Maggie O    (Greenough)    housework
    Fred A    pupil

Goodwin, Charles H    farmer


Hall, Mary A    (Emery)    housework
    Davis W    farmer
    Frank E    farmer

Hall, John B    farmer

Hussey, Isaac    farmer
    Eliza R    (Woodman)    housework
    George C    motorman
    Alice W    stenographer

Hurd, Susan     (Hurd)    housework
    Charles A    farmer
    Anna A    housework

Hurd, Mary    farmer

Hall, Francis    farmer

Hobbs, Nathaniel B    farmer
    Rose M    (Allen)    housework
    Grace M

Hanscom, Margaret    (Marshall)    housework
    Sadie H    housework

Hall, Martin    butcher and farmer
    Mary E    (Hurd)    housework
    Samuel F    farmer
    Albert    farmer

Hall, Samuel F    farmer
    Alice    (Clements)    housework
    Hazel M    pupil
    Ernest S   

Hurd, Benjamin F    farmer

Hall, Albert    farmer
    Fannie    (Pinkham)    housework

Hussey, Clarence L    farmer
    Martha W    (Vaughan)    housework
    Eva M    pupil
    Ralph L    pupil

Hurd, Ned N    mill operator

Hartford, Charles L    machinist
    Emma M    (Hall)    housework
    Harry L    machinist
    Ralph C    farm work
    Mabel F    pupil

Hall, John P    farmer

Hanscom, Ernest    farmer
    Gertrude    (Johnson)    housework
    Edna    pupil

Hanscom, Walter H    farmer
    Margaret F    (Johnson)    housework
    Mabel E
    Muriel G    pupil
    Freeman J    pupil
    Arline M    pupil

Hurd, Isabelle    (Chase)    housework
    Willis J    mill operator
    Lewis B    farmer
    Albert J    pupil

Hurd, Lewis B    farmer
    Nettie B    (Allen)    housework

Hurd, C Augusta    housework

Harvey, George D    farmer
    Mary M    (Came)    housework
    *Ellen C    clerk
    Paul M    jeweler

Hurd, Mary    housework


Johnson, Fred W    mill work
    Edna M    (Roberts)    housework
    Lena M    pupil
    Vernon L    pupil
    Floyd R
    Roland C


Lord, Rosella    housework

Littlefield, Cyrus H    farmer
    Cora M    (Nutter)    housework
    Maude E    housework

Lamprey, Joseph    wood chopper
    Mary J    (Tuttle)    housework
    Charles W    pupil

Littlefield, George I    mill operator
    Nathalie E    (Waterhouse)    housework
    Otis C    mill operator
    Olevia A    mill operator
    Alice N    housework
    Granville H    farmer
    Lillian A    housework
    Beatrice F    pupil
    Everett C    pupil
    Chester C    pupil
    Blanche O

Littlefield, Melvin S    mechanic
    Nellie J Fletcher    housework
    Roy M    pupil
    Mabel E    pupil
    Arthur E    pupil
    Ethel N    pupil
    Gladys V
    Doris M


Morrill, William A    farmer
    Jennie L    (Ricker)    housework
    *Daisy M    student
    Margie    pupil
    Hazel    pupil
    Willis A    pupil

Meserve, Charles F    carpenter
    Annie E F    (Morrell)    housework
    Nellie    housework
    Moses N    farmer
    Ida M    housework
    *Inez E    housework
    Grace E    housework
    George H    mill operator


Otis, Joshua    mill operator
    L B    (Brooks)    housework
    *John H    jeweler
    *Mabel G    book keeper

Osgood, John H    laborer
    Margaret     (Kenney)    housework


Roberts, Stephen M    farmer and carpenter
    Mary J    (Hanscom)    housework
    *George W    farmer
    *Ella A    housework
    Levi H    carpenter
    *Belle H    housework
    Frank J    farmer


Stillings, Isaac    farmer

Shaw, John R    saw filer
    Carrie B    (Kimball)    housework
    Archie L    pupil
    Walter M    pupil
    Willis E
    Irena F

Shaw, Irena     (Rogers)    housework
    Ella F    housework
    *Sarah J    housework
    Edson C    shoe operator
    *Orson G    shoe operator
    John R    saw filer


Thompson, Jacob    farmer
    Emma J    (Stacy)    housework
    *L Mabel    housework
    Raymond R    student
    Ernest S    pupil
    Earle J    pupil
    Perley H    pupil
    Beulah V    pupil
    Amy M    pupil

Trickey, James E    fireman
    Viola S    (Leavitt)    housework
    James L    mill operator
    Charles E    mill operator
    Beulah I    pupil

Tobey, Isaiah V    contractor
    Lydia S    (Woodman)    housework
    *Elmer E    varnish manufacturer
    *Eugene H    shipping overseer
    *Melvin A    farmer


Woodman, Eli S    farmer
    Mary E    (Bancroft)    housework

Wentworth, Charles H    farmer
    Ann E    (Stacey)    housework
    Edgar    farmer
    *Charles    station agent

Weymouth, Olive F    housework

Weymouth, Mary E    (Scammon)    housework
    Joseph    farmer
    *Alma I    housework
    Emma A    housework
    Charles E    mill operator

Wentworth, Belle E    housework

Wentworth, Bartholomew    mill operator

Wentworth, Harry J    fireman

Weymouth, William J    carpenter, farmer and stone mason
    Hilda A    (Grant)    housework

Weymouth, John F    carpenter, farmer and stone mason

Welch, Annie F    housework

Wallingford, Mark F    farmer
    Mary A    (Worster)    housework

Weymouth, Humphrey C    farmer
    Susan J    (Chadbourne)    housework
    William A    carriage-smith

Weymouth, William A    carriage-smith
    Emma B    (Johnson)    housework
    Perley H    pupil






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