1905 Census for North Berwick
RFD #1 Post Office 

N. Berwick    Non-residents    RFD #1    RFD #2    All others

My thanks to Vivian Hale for sending this information to post.

Special note: The following is categorized by the initial letter of the surname, but will not be alphabetized within the category. In other words, all the T surnames will be together, but Tucker may be before Taylor so please scan the whole group or use the search function in your browser.

Please note that this Town Census was divided into separate post offices. Please be sure and check each page. The other thing that is different in this book is the addresses of non-residents are listed in the back so I have created a separate page for them. If you see an asterisk in front of a name, that person is no longer a resident and you may look for them on the non-resident page. Questions or concerns? Contact the web owner.

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the North Berwick Town Register, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell. 


Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated on the Non Residents Page.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

The names are not necessarily alphabetical within letter groups.

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Abbott, Rosanna    (Canney)    housework

Abbott, Charles W    photographer and farmer

Abbott, Fred    mill operator

Applebee, Levi J    farmer

Allen, Susan J    (Willey)    housework
    Charles H    laborer
    Daisy M    housework
    Amy B    housework

Allen, Lillian D    (Ham)    housework
    Everett H    pupil
    Lulu F    pupil

Abbott, John W    farmer
    Alta B    (Nutter)    housework
    Marion G    pupil
    Jennie S

Abbott, Thomas    farmer
    Sarah     (Young)    housework
    Joseph    farmer
    Augusta    housework
    Isaiah    farmer
    Olive E    housework
    John W    farmer
    Hattie M    housework

Abbott, Joseph    farmer
    Lillian F    housework
    Grace L    housework
    Annie A    pupil
    Callie A    (Hussey)    housework


Boyle, George W    farmer
    Ella M    (Staples)    housework

Brackett, Orrin J    fireman
    Delphina M    (Brackett)    housework
    David N

Billings, Ezra A    farmer
    Olive J    (Staples)    housework
    *Jennie A    stenographer
    Clarence A    pupil

Billings, James W    farmer

Brackett, Myra A    (Quint)    housework
    Eben L   

Billings, Hiram    farmer
    Myria    (Johnson)    housework
    *Elmer H    merchant
    Cora M    housework

Billings, Elmer H    merchant
    Alla    (Ford)    housework
    Helen G    pupil

Boston, Joseph F    stone mason
    Anna C    (Kent)    housework
    Harry G    farmer
    Roy J    stableman
    Maud M
    Herman D    R R service
    Calvin N    pupil
    Mary H    pupil
    Carl K
    Ray H
    Porter O    pupil

Boyle, James L    farmer
    Elizabeth    (Horne)    housework
    William    engineer
    Edith    mill operator
    *Viror    housework
    Mittie    housework
    Harry    shoe operator
    George    farmer


Chaney, Charles    farmer
    Olive    (Bragdon)    housework
    Georgie A    housework
    *Lettie M    housework
    *Maude    housework
    Henry C    farmer
    Raymond E    farmer
    Julia    pupil
    Maggie E    pupil
    Malcom    pupil
    Morris    pupil

Chadbourne, Arthur W    farmer
    Flora A    (Allen)    housework
    Eula C    student
    Carl    pupil
    Harris W    pupil

Cate, Gertrude E    pupil

Cate, Edna M    pupil

Chadbourne, Albert E    farmer
    Lavonia    (Hammond)    housework
    Harold E    pupil
    Bernard H    pupil
    Walter H    pupil
    Marguerite L    pupil
    Ruth M

Clements, Ezekiel D    farmer
    Ann    (Chick)    housework
    *Louanna S M    housework
    Sedgley D    teaming
    *Clara    housework

Cole, William    farmer
    Anna    (Staples)    housework
    Lottie    pupil
    Ray    pupil
    Rex    pupil

Came, Hannah E    teacher

Chadbourn, F U     farmer
    Luthera J    (Staples)    housework
    Ellen L    housework
    Jesse F
    Wilbert S
    Alice M    pupil


Dorr, John M    farmer
    Abbie L    (Quint)    housework
    *Nora I    housework
    Henry E    farmer

Day, Ivory    farmer
    Lucy A    (Littlefield)    housework
    Josie E    mill operator
    *Myra E    mill operator
    William G    mill operator
    Ivory F    farmer
    *Mattie A    mill operator
    Carl L    pupil

Day, Lewis    farmer
    Lizzie E    (Nason)    housework
    Alice M    pupil


Estes, James M    mill operator
    Lucy E    (Otis)    housework


Freeman, Myrtle L    (Cottrell)    housework
    Marie L    pupil

Ford, Alfred E    farmer
    Lillian F    (Abbott)    housework
    John C    pupil
    Clara S

Ford, Roxann    housework

Ford, Stephen    farmer
    *Henry O    merchant    
    Abbie M    (Grant)    housework
    Lista E    housework

Ford, Caleb F    farmer
    O Orinda    housework
    *Robert F    hotel business
    *Laura L    merchant
    *Leroy     clerk
    *William H    farmer
    *Sarah    housework
    *Lewis B    salesman
    Alice M    housework
    Alfred E    farmer

Ford, Frank W    farmer
    Annie E    (Junkins)    housework
    *Ellen J    housework
    *Clara A    housework
    *Charles H    teamster


Goodwin, Isabel    housework

Grover, George W    farmer
    Laura A    (Morrison)    housework
    Ida F    housework
    Lillian M    mill operator

Grover, D Clifton    pupil

Getchell, Carrie A    (Hussey)    housework
    Mary L    housework

Greenough, James A    farmer
    Mary L    (Chase)    housework
    Lucia M    pupil

Greenough, Eliza A    (Quint)    housework
    Mary E    housework
    James A    farmer
    Maggie O    housework

Grant, Mary E    (Goodwin)    housework

Grant, Betsey A    housework

Grover, Charles H    farmer
    Jennie M    (Littlefield)    housework

Grover, Walter S    shoe operator
    *Harry C    painter

Grover,  Daniel G    farmer
    Roxanna    (Staples)    housework
    Frank U    R R service
    Fannie L    housework
    *Perley V    salesman
    Oscar L    mill operator
    Otis L    farmer


Hussey, Nathaniel L    farmer
    Amelia E    (Lougee)    housework
    Julian L    farmer
    Clarence L    farmer
    *Delphina M    housework

Hobbs, Levi    farmer
    Lizzie S    (Silloway)    housework
    *Alice A    housework

Ham, John B    farmer
    Jennie O    (Johnson)    housework
    *Lillian D    housework

Hobbs, Walter L    pupil

Hobbs, Iva L    housework

Hodgdon, Lucy E    (Powers)    housework

Hall, Hiram H    farmer
    Sarah S    (Powers)    housework

Hooper, Herbert C    farmer
    Mabel    (Hatch)    housework

Haskell, George W    pupil

Hatch, Alonzo C    mill operator
    Edna G    (Knight)    housework
    Mattie    pupil
    Walter L    pupil

Hubbard, Charles A    farmer
    Lizzie E    (Brown)    housework
    Edith N    pupil
    Charles R    pupil

Hubbard, Martha D    (Harper)    housework

Hayes, George C    farmer
    Olive E    (Abbott)    housework
    Mabel S    student

Hayes, John C    farmer
    Clarinda J    (Ramsdell)    housework
    George C    farmer
    *Emma C    housework
    Bertha S    housework
    Leon N    carpenter

Hussey, James    farmer
    Fred    farmer
    *Maude    housework

Hussey, Fred    farmer
    Belle    (Wentworth)    housework

Hall, Joseph F    farmer
    Myra    (Hurd)    housework

Hall, Frank P    farmer
    Laura E    (Downs)    housework
    Florence A    housework
    Susie E    housework
    Grover C    farmer
    Macie V    pupil
    Frank H    pupil
    Edith M    pupil
    Andrew J    pupil
    Herbert C    pupil
    Laura E


Johnson, Enos H    farmer
    Mary E    (Grover)    housework
    George E    farmer
    Frank L    farmer

Johnson, George E    farmer
    Hattie M    (Abbott)    housework
    Fannie A

Johnson, Frank L    farmer
    Grace L    (Abbott)    housework
    Mildred E
    Eva m

Johnson, William    grain merchant
    Grace V    (Wescott)    housework
    Raymond W    pupil
    Stanley W    pupil
    Edith A    pupil
    Joseph B    pupil
    Pearl V

Johnson, T F    farmer
    Olive E    (Goodwin)    housework
    Joseph G    merchant and farmer
    William I     merchant and farmer
    Fred T     teacher

Johnson, William A    farmer

Johnson, James W    farmer

Johnson, Noah    farmer
    Augusta    (McCrillis)    housework
    *Leslie A    clerk
    Fred W    R R service
    Roy W    farmer
    Mabel M    housework

Johnson, Amanda J    housework


Knox, Edgar M     R R service
    Emma M    (Underhill)    housework
    Walter E
    Earl W

Kimball, Oliver N    mill operator
    Nellie M    (Littlefield)    housework
    Lesley J    R R service
    Arthur J    farm work
    Leon W    carpenter
    Frank B M    pupil
    Ernest A    pupil

Keene, Fred W    clergy
    Ellen J    (Wright)    housework
    *Lydia L R B    housework
    Ruth A    student
    Irene    student


McCarthy, William     laborer
    Susan J    (Willey)    housework

McCrillis, William E    farmer
    *Harry E    mill operator
    Wilda W    mill operator
    F Eslie    farmer

McCrillis, Sybil A    housework

Morrell, Daniel P    millman and farmer
    Harriet    (Randall)    housework
    Bessie T    pupil

Morrell, Lizzie S    (Silloway)    housework
    *Mary L    housework
    *Stella L    housework

Miller, Edward G    farmer
    Bertha S P    (Morrell)    housework
    Sidney R    pupil
    Harriet F M

Merrill, Sumner C    farmer
    Katherine    (Abbott)
    Alfred W    student
    Gladys    pupil
    Grace J    pupil


Nason, Abbie    (Symes)    housework
    John D    farmer
    Alta    housework
    Sarah    housework

Nutter, Leland J    farmer
    Florence A    (Hall)    housework
    Alice E    
    Edith M

Nason, Charles C    farmer


Otis, George H    farmer
    Louisa W    (Davis)    housework


Quint, Louama    (Quint)    housework
    Charles A    farmer
    Anson    work with mason
    Olive A    housework

Quint, George W    farmer
    Cora B    (Ford)    housework
    Bernard    farm work

Quint, Henry G    farmer
    Vienna    (Goodwin)    housework
    Elmer L    farmer

Quint, Elmer L    farmer
    Hattie    (Chadbourne)    housework
    Freda A    pupil
    Lora B    pupil
    Clyde C    pupil

Quint, Anson    farmer and stone mason
    Raymond A    student
    Evelyn M    mill operator
    Mabel A    mill operator

Quint, Charles W    farmer
    Susie E    (Hall)    housework

Quint, Sarah A    (Quint)    housework
    George E    farmer
    Myra A    housework
    Charles W    farmer


Ridlon, Herbert S    farmer
    Iva L    (Grover)    housework
    Ernest C    farm work
    Carrie G    housework

Roberts, Joshua M    farmer
    Julia A    (Allen)    housework
    Stephen H    farmer
    *Haven A    mill operator
    *Warren F    mill operator
    Nellie B    housework
    Linnie M    housework
    Ernest M    farm work

Roberts, John W    stone mason and farmer
    Clara A    (Quint)    housework
    Edith I    housework
    Edna M    housework
    Mamie L    mill operator

Roberts, Thomas Q    farmer

Roberts, Almira B    (Ford)    housework

Randall, Lavinia Q    (Smith)    housework
    Lizzie S    housework
    Harriet C    housework
    *Asa G    art instructor

Randall, Isaac S    farmer
    Olive E    (Coffin)    housework
    *Elmer E    carpenter
    *Belle N    housework
    *Norah W    farmer
    *George H    shoe operator
    Arthur O    farmer
    Austin E    farmer

Randall, Austin E    farmer
    Belle A Fernald    housework

Rhoades, John A    mail carrier
    Addie M    (Nourse)    housework
    Charles A    pupil
    Herbert    pupil
    Ida F

Rhoades, Miles    carpenter
    Maria H    (Buffum)    nurse
    John A    mail carrier

Randall, Frank    farmer
    Parapa R    (Libby)    housework
    Maynard L    pupil
    Marion F    pupil
    John H    

Randall, Arthur O    farmer
    Kittie I    (Day)    housework
    Harvey D    pupil
    Elwyn H

Randall, Albert M    farmer

Randall, Myra    housework


Stearns, Angie P    (Powers)    housework

Staples, Harry    farmer
    Blanche A    (Allen)    housework

Staples, Beatrice D    pupil

Staples, John L    farmer
    Hattie    (Stuart)    housework
    Dorothy B    pupil

Sargent, Hattie    (Stuart)    housework
    Melvin L    laborer

Staples, Samuel P    farmer
    Ida M    (Ford)    housework
    Grace E    housework
    *Bessie E    housework
    Ralph E    pupil
    Clyde B    pupil
    Clarence M    pupil

Staples, Joshua F    farmer
    Augusta     (Abbott)    housework
    Fred J    farmer

Staples, Fred J    farmer
    Ida    (Grover)    housework
    Alice    pupil

Staples, Sarah E    (Torrey)    housework
    Ella M    housework
    Samuel B    farmer
    Arthur V    farmer
    Anna L    housework

Staples, Samuel F    carpenter

Staples, Gilbert    farmer
    Roy G    superintendent of schools
    *Sadie    housework
    Walter    farmer
    Ethel    farmer

Staples, Peter    farmer
    Charles M    farmer
    Harriet E    housework
    John    elect
    Sarah J    (Hobbs)    housework
    Olive    housework
    *William H    elect

Staples, Gladys M    pupil

Stillings, Samuel O    farmer
    Jennie    (Johnson)    housework
    Eva F    nurse
    *Almon O    mill operator
    *Mark L    student
    Samuel H    farmer
    Lilowin M    housework
    Ralph E    farmer


Tibbetts, Delphina M    (Brackett)    housework
    Amelia E    pupil
    Lida D    pupil


Wentworth, Catherine    (Plaisted)    housework
    Mary E    housework
    *Lydia F    book keeper
    *Sarah G    book keeper
    Harvey E    farmer

Wright, Mary A    (Brierly)    housework

Weymouth, Thomas J    farmer
    Mary J    (Hatch)    housework
    *Alma F    housework
    *Edgar A    horse dealer
    Woodbury E    farmer

Weymouth, Woodbury E    farmer
    Winnie E    (Hussey)    housework
    Ethel M    pupil

Weymouth, Clara M    (Chadbourne)

Winslow, Edward S    farmer
    Lista E    (Ford)    housework
    Stephen A





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